The Yacht Week: The Best Week of My Life [Event Review part 1 of 3]

The Yacht Week

Photo Courtesy of Sam Eye Am Photography

Have you ever said, “OMG, that was the best thing ever!” Well, imagine saying that for seven days straight. The Yacht Week (TYW) offers festival lovers and party goers the opportunity to blend that life with the beautiful blue ocean. If you think partying at a campsite is whimsical or balling out on a cruise ship is epic, then The Yacht Week is an experience you need to have.

What is The Yacht Week?

TYW is a seven-day sailing experience. You can choose from several locations including Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, or the Carribean. The different routes offer a different pace of activity, from easy to fast paced. I was on the Croatia route which has two different speed selections, the “Original” or the “ULTRA” route which includes entry to ULTRA Europe festival. Guess what pace the ULTRA Croatia route is… fast-paced, which means party, party, party!!!

The Yacht Week

Photo Courtesy of FeFe Greene

How Does The Yacht Week Work?

If your rave crew is as lit as mine, then gather them up and save your coins for next year. You will need a crew leader to book a yacht and up to eight crew members to fill a boat. The yachts offered for rental come in different sizes with different amenities to make the trip either more comfortable or more affordable for you and your crew. Now don’t go thinking Jay-Z “Big Pimpin” luxury yacht, but instead, imagine RV camping at EDC but on the water.

My crew is small and intimate. We ended up renting a boat as a crew of four and through Facebook groups we found four other crew members to fill the empty slots. However, you don’t have to fill all the open slots because the cost is divided amongst the crew. The more people on board, the cheaper the cost per person.


Now, like I said, it’s like an RV on water, so you have just enough space. You spend most of your time off the boat and the weather is your savior. At a smooth 80 degrees Fahrenheit daily and with no humidity, we spent every Croatia day basking in the sun on the upper deck of the RV. The cabin is extremely hot with no AC, so I would take naps on the deck. Needless to say, it was a healthy dose of vitamin D.

The Yacht Week

Photo courtesy of FeFe Greene

Tips to Prepare for TYW

Your rental of the yacht includes an experienced skipper (our skipper’s name was Ante), and they will navigate the crisp blue seas for you. Now, it’s not a one-man show so be ready to assist your skipper in pulling the sail, anchoring as you arrive at the marina, or even steering the yacht. I enjoyed sailing, but you didn’t want me at the wheel for long. It came highly recommended that we hire a hostess, and I would have to 100 percent agree. Our hostess, Lindsey, managed all of our grocery shopping. In addition, she had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks readily available at our request. Plus, she kept the main cabin clean for us. Let me tell you she was an angel sent from heaven.

When packing, be sure to pack light. You’re mostly going to be in swimsuits, so there is no need for the extra gear. The boat has only enough space for collapsible luggage. When you pack, be sure to have a first aid kit that includes loads of sunscreen, aloe, thick moisturizers, triple antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic. Everyone on the boat suffered from sunburns, dry skin, bumps, bruises, and open wounds. I was stung by a bee and another crew member was stung by a jellyfish. Since I was prepared, our adventure did not have to end abruptly.

Day 1 & 2 Split, Croatia: ULTRA Europe Festival

The offered sail routes either included one day at ULTRA festival (Friday) which ended your week on the yacht or two days of ULTRA (Saturday & Sunday) to start off your week-long adventure. My crew chose the latter. We decided to extend our vacation in beautiful Croatia by arriving in Split one day early, on Friday. We rented a very affordable air bnb that was only five minutes walking distance of the Poljud Stadium. The Yacht Week package included VIP entry to the festival on Saturday and Sunday, therefore, we only purchased a single day entry for Friday.

The Yacht Week

Photo Courtesy of Sam Eye Am

Having general admission on Friday in comparison to VIP entry was an experience in itself. VIP cut down on the wait time for entry, it had its own entrance to the main stage, and the VIP areas were located in the stands providing elevated views of the stage. However, on Friday, with our general admission, it was almost like running with the bulls to enter. My friends and I waited in “line,” except it wasn’t a line, it was a mob. Everyone was pushing to enter through narrow gates, and I thought I was going to be trampled.

Once inside, the stress melted away, and I was mesmerized by the lights. The RESISTANCE  and Arcadia Afterburner stages were both fun environments, but it was the main stage that was the primary attraction for this festival. With the large iconic “U” hanging above it, the glow just draws you in. We spent most of our time at the main stage.

There is so much more I can tell you, and I will… Want to know what happened at Ultra Europe? Make sure to subscribe to get your free trial of EDM World Magazine to read my full festival review on ULTRA Europe. I discuss the music, the artists, the after parties, and the beach parties. I even include a video inviting you to experience the good vibes with me.

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