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You have come to the right place if you are looking to advertise your business. Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. We are the #1 Electronic Dance Music Magazine App Publication in the world. 


Who Are We?

EDM World Magazine is the heart of electronic dance music. Every month, our team of passionate EDM lovers write, edit, design, share and cover the best our industry has to offer. Please visit our about page here to learn even more about our story, brand, vision, mission, purpose, and founder.


The Benefits of Advertising in EDM World Magazine

If you are ready to gain instant access to our niche EDM fans who are looking to discover, buy, and share your business with their friends and family then we want to help you. 

Our mission is to provide content that connects the electronic dance music community through information, education, entertainment, and inspiration. Ideally, your business will be position in this way to best fit our target market. Our goal is to advertise in a way that feels extremely organic, authentic, and relatable to our readers. 


Why Advertising in Our Digital App Is More Beneficial over a Traditional Print Magazine

We are strictly a digital magazine. What that means is, a potential new customer can quickly tap on your ad to go straight to your business product page and checkout smoothly.

This reduces the number of steps they have to take so they don’t have to go into google, search for your business page, search for the category tab, and then finally scroll to find the product to add it to their cart. 


EDM World Magazine Media Kit / Press Kit

If you are interested in promoting your product or service with us, please check out our kit.

Please download it here >> EDM World Magazine Media Kit / Rate Card 2021 


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