Tony Romera Drops “VHS” [Exclusive Interview]

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Tony Romera drops “VHS,” his new single along with a moving music video just ahead of his debut album. His full album will be released later this year on Monstercat which is a Canadian independent electronic music record label based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This track is significant to Romera, as it represents moments with his family.

The music video combines old VHS tapes of him as a child from his grandmother. The track “VHS” plays in the background making for a special tribute showcasing Romera’s early influences and family life.

Romera is a French house music producer who is booked to play Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas for the first time this year, so this is an exciting inflection point for him and his career. If you are going to EDCLV, be sure to check out his set and hope to catch “VHS” over the speakers on the dance floor. Click here to read more about EDC Las Vegas and what it’s like if you want to camp there for the weekend.

Click here to listen to the new single “VHS” by Tony Romera and watch the touching music video above.


“VHS” is the first track off your debut album. How did the idea for the track come about?

I wanted to make something melancholic, but old-school French house and these mellotron chords really brought out the mood. I decided to turn it into a tribute to my family and my childhood.

Can you give us any details about the debut album?

I cannot give you too many details about it because I’d love for people to discover them on release day, but I can say that I put all of my influences into it and tried to make something that really represents me.

From beginning to end, how long did it take you to produce your first album?

I started in March 2020, I returned from my first US tour, and lockdown had just started. I felt like it was the right moment to work on an album. I had more time in the studio than ever because we couldn’t go on tour or travel or anything. It was a sad moment not to see a crowd every weekend, but it also helped me make what I love and not have to think about how the crowd would react to it.

Tony Romera "VHS"

Photo courtesy of Monstercat

Why did you pick “VHS” as the first track everyone gets to hear?

We decided to pick “VHS” because it really represents me, and as a tribute to my family, I wanted to start this album process with this nostalgic vibe.

How do you want your listeners to think or feel when hearing “VHS”?

I’d say the best moment to listen to this track for me would be to drive by the sea with a beautiful sunset or watch old family VHS tapes or old picture albums. I want people to feel the same love I feel for my loved ones—happiness, hope, and melancholia.

“VHS” has some lyrics as well. Did you write the lyrics yourself?

The lyrics are actually a sample. They fit so well with the whole vibe so I decided to use them.

What was your thought process while making the video for “VHS”?

I found this old VHS tape at my Grandma’s apartment and immediately thought of making a music video with it. I felt like “VHS” was the perfect vibe for this. And to be honest, the day I received the first version of the music video, I cried. It was so cool to show it to my family. They really loved it. This video means a lot to me because a few of my loved ones appear in it, including some people I lost years ago, and I really wanted to have them in it.

In what ways did your family inspire you? How have you carried that with you into your career?

My family has always inspired me so much. I’ve received so much love since I was born, and they’ve helped me in many, many ways. They’re super supportive, and I love them so much. I could never thank them enough for this.

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