Ten Times Rappers and EDM Made Magic on the Track

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Hip-hop and EDM are two genres that have always gone hand-in-hand. Here are ten times rappers have teamed up with some of the best EDM producers to create magic on the track.

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“MOP” – Borgore feat. Gucci Mane and THIRTYRACK

Carnage, EDM superstar and hip-hop heavyweight, trades in his CDJs for a mic on this track and spits some hard-hitting rhymes under alias THIRTYRACK. He mostly screams “THIRTY!” a bunch of times, but his cadence is not out of place. Rapper Gucci Mane also lends his voice on this banger from Borgore. The southern hip-hop legend lays down some cold, laid back bars to contrast Borgore’s hard production.

“You Know” Flume feat. Allan Kingdom and Raekwon

This Flume track brings the heat with Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon and the always captivating Allan Kingdom. In my opinion, Raekwon’s raw verse is the major highlight of this song. Raekwon spits bars that paint a vivid picture for listeners which are only enhanced by Flume’s one-of-a-kind production.


“Meta” – Graves feat. bbno$

Hawaiian producer Graves is no stranger to the rap game. After all, he was a sound engineer on Kanye West’s critically-acclaimed album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Here, he links up with enigmatic Soundcloud rapper bbno$. Bbno$’s fast yet monotone flow cascades over the thumping, heavy bass of this track. Each bombastic rap verse is broken up by a spacey, ambient riff by Graves. This song is put together masterfully, and it still holds up even two years after its initial release.

“Got Da Groove” – Rusko feat. Gucci Mane

Although released in 2010, this track is certainly ‘of the times.’ The beat is very reminiscent of southern 2000’s trap music (albeit with a bunch of wubs thrown in). Although this offering is a bit different than what we’re used to from both Rusko and Gucci, the collab brings upon a unique sound that is worth at least one listen.


This song was premiered at EDC almost a year before it dropped and fans were immediately clamoring for an official release. The Plain Jane superstar never fails to make each track his own, and this outing is no exception. Ferg changes up his flow and NGHTMRE changes up his production to make for a dynamic banger.

OMG – RL Grime feat. Joji and Chief Keef

In the past, trap producer RL Grime has put out remixes for the likes of Travis Scott and The Weeknd. Here, he teams with the always-unique Joji and Chicago drill artist Chief Keef. While Joji kills the melodic hook, Keef comes on the track with a more light-hearted cadence than we are used to. We really get something different from Chief Keef on this song, although his rough exterior is still very much present.

“Moon Love” Boombox Cartel feat. Nessly

This track has all of the elements of a good trap tune including brazen 808claps, hi-hats, and kick drums all around. Hip-hop newcomer Nessly provides some smooth vocals over the Cartel’s slick production.

“Came Up” Flosstradamus, FKi1st, and Graves feat. Post Malone and KEY!

A pre Beer Bongs and Bentleys Post Malone and KEY! provide vocals on this song. Rap producer FKi1st brings even more hip-hop flavor to this EDM track. Trap percussion and ambient production guide Malone’s melodic riffs into a synth-frenzied chorus that never fails to have a crowd jumping up and down. KEY! emulates Post’s soothing voice during his verse, but doesn’t compromise his own signature style.

“WINDOWS” JOYRYDE feat. Rick Ro$$

Rick Ro$$ and JOYRYDE prove to be a great team on “Windows.” This track is a bit reminiscent of Teflon Don’s collab with Skrillex, “Purple Lamborghini” (which was actually released a few months after this single). The hard-hitting brass elements on this track go hand-in-hand with the rap OG’s booming voice and confident presence.

“Babylon (Skrillex and Ronny J Remix)” – Ekali feat. Denzel Curry

This song may be one of the best EDM and hip-hop collabs out there. Ekali is well-versed in hip-hop with a production credit on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Denzel Curry’s frantic and loud flow is also perfect for trap production. I prefer this remix to the original version, however. Skrillex’s production takes this song to the next level by building the tune to a huge hook from the dubstep OG. In addition, rap producer Ronny J finds himself in good company with producers Ekali and Skrillex who have dabbled in the hip-hop realm.

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