NKRIOT Founds XAR Records

Our friendly neighborhood NKRIOT is starting his own label. The rockstar pushing the Goji sound is putting together slamming talented artists for collaboration label XAR Records. We had a chance to meet up with him at the hosted Emily Tan Press party in the beautiful NoMad Hotel located in Downtown LA to find out more details about this new journey.

Can you tell us about the record label your starting?

It’s called XAR records. We just signed our first 10 artists. I’m mixing and producing all their music. The launch date of the compilation will be the end of August.

What kind of artists are you signing to this label?

The cool thing about it is that all the artists are different from each other. They all stand on their own platform. I figured, why don’t I use my own raw and dirty style of sound and mixing? My vision is to bring the electro house to it.

The good thing about this is that we’re all helping each other develop. I do very high-end glitch sound, and someone else can do a different tone to it. So it becomes a collaboration. I’m wanting every track to be a banger.


Music constantly changes. How are you planning on not sticking to one genre?

The label is going to be a clusterfuck of artists but in the Goji movement. It’s not going to be just trance or house.

What is going to happen with NKRIOT?

It is going to be sublevel under this label. I’m just very passionate about what I’m doing with Xar.

Talk to us about the headquarters.

We have our headquarters in La Habra. It’s two stories, with an open room that will have desks workstations and other things for our artists to do productions. It will include three in-house producers. We’re hanging up a banner that says, “If you don’t redline, you don’t headline.” There will be a creative art director who will be helping us as well. We have a team, and it feels great.

You have one catch for every artist that signs with you. Can you tell us what that is?

All artists, upon signing, agree to do 100 hours of workshops for the community.

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You heard it first here folks. Swipe up and tell us what you think about the Goji rockstar developing his own label.

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