Galantis Releases Second Album “The Aviary”


Photo Courtesy Of Galantis Website

Galantis Releases Second Studio Album “The Aviary”

By Lexi Williams


Everyone loves Galantis. Their songs are catchy, their live performances are amazing. Whether you are a new fan or an OG fan, you should definitely check out The Aviary.

 I’ve been following the duo ever since their Pharmacy Album (which is another amazing album you need to check out if you haven’t.) That album features singles such as “Runaway“, “Gold Dust“, “You” and many more noteworthy singles. This is the second studio album that they have released. It’s a big accomplishment as they have a following and amazing branding strategy with their signature Sea Fox.

The Swedish duo is one for experimenting yet maintain the same sound to keep their music consistent and fun. I don’t want to give it all away though!

What do you think of The Aviary?Comment below.


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