Fall in Love with Just like You with Tritonal and APEK

Tritonal and APEK

“Just Like You,” was just released today and it is a must listen. Tritonal and APEK created a masterpiece. With the beautiful vocals of Meron Ryan, it gives it the final touch it needs.

Feel Enchanted by Tritonal and APEK in Just Like You

“Just Like You” is one of the many releases from Tritonal so far. Another single released before was “Out My Mind,” and “Ready.” the duo soared in the Spotify charts and reached 3.5 million monthly listeners. Major props, Tritonal! Melodic has been one of the hottest trends in EDM this year and it’s very easy listening. Listening to Tritonal and Apek has really made my love for melodic bass intensified.

With immense talent, Tritonal has collaborated with The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, Seven Lions, Kill The Noise and has remixed Dj Snake, Zedd and much more. But this single is an extra slice of perfect. Both Tritonal and APEK fall into the category of melodic and upbeat. The locals aren’t over saturated in the track and aren’t overpowering. It’s a beautiful touch to the song. I really love this side of Tritonal and love their single “Just Like You.” It reminds me that we are not so different from each other than we think!

Both producers integrate their sound effortlessly and make a beautiful single. From a smooth introduction to the electrifying drop, it brought chills down my spine and I kept hitting replay. The song is uplifting in nature and is cosmic.


Make sure to check them out on their 10 Years of Enhanced tour and stay positive and uplifting this festival season. Let us know what you think of the track below!

What do you think of Tritonal and APEK new single “Just Like You?” featuring Meron Ryan? Swipe up to comment below and let me know! Tag a friend who would love this song just as much as we do!

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