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Cosmic Gate, the unbelievably talented trance duo, will be putting on a groundbreaking premium-live stream Saturday, October 17! The last time we were able to catch up with Cosmic Gate seemed just like yesterday. However, it’s been almost a year ago that I interviewed these brilliant minds at EDC Orlando during their sunset set. Check out the Cosmic Gate interview here.

These live streams are taking place at Miami’s The Temple House. This place is so sophisticated the only real limitation is the artist’s imagination. The Temple House is globally recognized for its award-winning 360-degree projection mapping. The venue will host the concerts in their digital environment, delivering shows the exact likes of which have never been seen before.

Make sure you catch the second spectacle! If you missed the first, held on last Saturday, the guys played a set titled “For Your Mind” featuring a wealth of new and exclusive CG-composed music. Music that they featured on Saturday included a new Cosmic Gate & Andrew Bayer collab ‘The Launch’, as well as the CG remixes of Andrew Rayel’s new single ‘Everything Everything’ and their exceptional take on Joe Smooth’s endlessly hope-filled ‘Promised Land’.

Next Saturday, October 17th, they will be taking us back to “The Classics.” You cannot miss this epic second showing of amazing graphics and bomb music. Get access to the live stream here and fall into trance heaven.


How has that time apart from each other been challenging and what have you done to adapt?

Although Cosmic Gate is very much a musical partnership, Nic and I spend out home life and downtime in different cities – right now I’m in Miami and he is in NYC – so although we didn’t get to have a busy Spring and Summer touring together which really is our favorite thing, we still managed to adapt well to Corona times. We hosted our Miami and NYC streams from the isolation that you can check out here on our YouTube now!

What has it been like to not be able to perform live for your fans and What emotions has it brought on?

It’s super sad we feel, for us personally, nothing brings us more joy in the world than performing our music for audiences and bringing emotion to our shows. It’s our passion and having to cancel a huge amount of tour dates was frustrating and upsetting for us. We hope that this is all over sooner rather than later so we can get back to what we love!

How has the crisis of a global pandemic changed the way Cosmic Gate has planned for the future especially since it has had a huge impact on artists being able to perform or tour?

All we can do is live in the now and adapt. We were of course frustrated when our year got tipped upside down but, along with our team, we wanted to still allow people to experience what they’re missing, the visual and submersive vibe of a usual live Cosmic Gate show, into their homes with our virtual concert series – you can check out how to join in over on our social media this October!

Describe your experience as you performed in front of residents standing from their balconies during your Miami, Florida set.

I performed only for the residents in the apartment block to keep everyone super safe and following the rules, but also to bring a super fun experience to everyone in quarantine! The residents of the apartments were dancing on their balconies, holding up signs, and enjoying the Cosmic Gate sound in their own spaces which was so much fun and a welcome party-time distraction when a lot of people were in quarantine.

Does Cosmic Gate currently have other plans to perform modified live audience shows such as the Miami balcony set in the near future as we slowly progress through the COVID stages?

With everything changing across the world on what feels like on an almost-daily basis, we have put so much of our energy into creating our “Cosmic Gate In Concert” digital events that these are our focus throughout October now. The first concert already took place last weekend, October 3rd, it was an incredible feeling to connect with our fans again and we cannot wait for the second one on October 17th!

Purchase your tickets here!

cosmic gate at The Temple House

Describe your journey and any obstacles you had to overcome, to perform the amazing Miami balcony raves, and the NYC rooftop streams to finally landing this super special visual show?

The obstacles were different for each. With the Miami stream, for example, the first one with audiences watching from their own personal balconies, we had to get permission from the police and house owners and ensuring that everything was adhered to correctly – distancing with the production and crew teams, etc and put this out as a live stream for free via Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch –

Whereas our “Cosmic Gate In Concert” series is much more complex. We first found that amazing venue (The Temple House), famed for its 360-degree visual projection. Next, we had to get the team together (director, producer, VJ, creative for visuals) and we had to find a partner/platform to distribute it as a paid live stream.

Once this was all set the creative process started, track selection for both sets, customize visuals, each track got its own theme, set editing, layout for promotional materials, and last but not least layout a promotional plan for the release of both sets. Actually, we have never worked so hard on a Cosmic Gate show! But we feel we have really created something special, that will last for a long time.

How did The Temple House and their technology change the way you designed your visuals?

The Temple House is a dream factory of a venue. A place where the only real limitation is your imagination. We will take you land, water, and outta space. This will be the craziest sets we have ever played!

What can fans expect from this exciting Cosmic Gate spectacle?

Expect a very special live stream experience, you’ll never forget! From our latest releases and remixes including our recent Andrew Bayer collab “The Launch”, over to our second set on October 17th being full-on “classic” Cosmic Gate, we’re bringing something for every fan from our catalog over the past two decades – if you can’t make it to Cosmic Gate, Cosmic Gate are gonna come to you!

Cosmic Gate in Concert flyer

Are you ready for 360 degree projected visuals and an amazing Cosmic Gate Classic set? Purchase your live stream access here and leave a comment below!

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