Camp EDC, We Hold You in Our Hearts [Info Guide]

Camp EDC Shiftpod

History of Camp EDC Las Vegas

Throwback Thursday #TBT. It was 1991, and the only camp that was cool aired weekly: Nickelodeon’s Salute Your Shorts. Sitting by the television with a glass of Kool-Aid was entertaining. Ironically, around the same time, DJ Steve “Kool-Aid” was creating a concept that would someday entertain thousands and evolve into EDC Las Vegas, which now offers Camp EDC.

New School Camping Tents

There are three camping options available, but one is already sold out. So, if you are seriously considering this adventure, you better get on it soon. The Desert Rose Tents have currently sold out. These are the two-person setups that provide luxury camping options.

If you were one of the lucky Desert Rose campers, you will be enjoying a ShiftPod2 tent that comes with proper beds, linens, pillows and air-conditioning in addition to restroom facilities that are only open to the Desert Rose campers.

Don’t fret if you were slow to the game. The other camping options are still pretty posh compared to other festivals that rely on you to bring your own gear.


Affordable Moon Glow Tents

The Moon Glow tents are affordable at $75 per night per person when you board a group of four. If you decide to board less, no problem; your group just splits the cost of the unfilled spots. Your Moon Glow is still a ShiftPod2 with air conditioning. All ShiftPod2 are weather resistant.

Camp EDC RV Style

Then there is the RV camping. Drive your own RV on-site and park it in your designated spot with power hookups, water refills, and pump-outs. Once you decide on a camping option, check-in begins on Thursday, May 17 at 3 pm. Check out is Monday, May 21 at 7 pm.

The Perks of Staying On-Site

Camping at EDC means you will be at the party 24/7. This means you can have the comfort of home and party all at once. Camp EDC will allow small, portable propane or butane stoves/grills. Cookouts are encouraged, just be safe. They offer free showers, porta-potties, and drinking water.

Wanna BYOB? Sure, bringing a limited amount of beer and wine is permitted but no liquor, please. Those bringing alcohol are expected to drink responsibly. Carry your ID at all times.

Getting Around Camp

Bicycles are suggested, as a bike path is made available, and it will make traveling the little town much easier. You can also easily walk around, so if you aren’t able to bring a bike, don’t sweat it. It’s not as necessary to have like it is for Burning Man.

Be Unique and Stand Out From The Crowd

Last but not least, bring your totems, flags or banners. Camp EDC wants you to distinguish your cool space by staking your designs. How will you stand out and make your camps presence be known and remembered? The more creative you are, the better.

camp edc 2019 map

The Mesa & Grounds Map

The Mesa is at the center of it all. Only campers will have access to the activities offered at the Mesa. The weekend kicks off with a Thursday Night party at the Parliament Art Car. The three mountains, Sol, Cascada, and Tierra will each provide a variety of activities during the day.

Sol will offer activities such as yoga, sound healing, and rave aerobics. Cascada offers transformational activities, wellness workshops, and guest speakers.

At the Tierra, beauty stations, glam labs, barbershops, and massages will keep you fresh and oh-so-pretty during your stay. Camp EDC aims to keep your mind, body, and spirit intact during these four intense days.

The Oasis Pool at Camp

The Oasis Pool will be the main site with even more parties! Guest DJs will keep you grooving, and the bar located at the pool will keep you chill. Sunbathing poolside while you wait for the gates to open will always be an option. Don’t you worry about floaters; the pool will be refreshed daily with new chlorinated and filtered water.

The Extras

If all of the above isn’t enough, there’s more! Camp EDC will have go-karts, kandi-making, airbrush artists, hula-hoop classes, reiki, field day games, food carts, a general store, the Insomniac Shop, misting stations, charging stations, water stations, a medical center, and security. If something goes awry, just text “EDC” to 69050 and help will be on the way. There are so many reasons to camp, but if you want to learn more about camping at EDC Las Vegas, click here.

Camp Electric Daisy Carnival Girls Laying In The Grass

Full Review of Camp EDC

If you’re still not sure if camping is the way you want to experience EDC, don’t fret. Check out my first-hand experience on how my 2018 Camp EDC went down. I spill all the juicy details so you can figure out if it’s the right path for you. Click here to check out my Camp EDC review. 

EDC Las Vegas Fashion Packing Tips

Something I know a lot of people forget to bring with them to camp are their swimsuits for the Oasis Pool. Here’s your reminder so you don’t forget! If you are still not sure what you want your outfit to look like for nighttime, click here to check out our guide on how to dress at EDC.

Swipe up to comment below and let me know what questions you have about staying at Camp EDC!

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