Art Battle with NKRIOT at Exchange LA

The famous international Art Battle returns to Exchange LA on Wednesday, February 21st where 16 talented artists, along with cyber-punk producer NKRIOT, go head to head in the hopes of transforming a blank canvas into an original and beautiful piece of art. However, out of these 16 artists, the crowd determines the winners of three rounds with a final single champ. Not only do you witness a number of gifted artists, but also a live performance from GOJI genre enthusiast NKRIOT.

The GOJI genre began as a cyber-punk experiment out of the aspiration to not be under the umbrella of electronic dance music. Click here to listen to more of NKRIOT’s cyber-punk style! Comparable to the style of duo legend Daft Punk, NKRIOT displays elegant forms of completely original music using progressive rock-style guitar, heavy synthesizers, and electronic beats that result in elevated energy sounds.

From the time when GOJI was fairly dormant in 2013, NKRIOT has dedicated his extensive time and effort towards his unique style of producing. In June of 2017, he released a trippy electronic dance hymn titled “Reality Pages” underlying Daft Punk, which translated into what the GOJI music genre reveals. Today, in 2018, his dedication towards the genre has paid off with yet another uprise in cyber-punk. NKRIOT’s matchless sound is one of few which releases nostalgia from the early times of the cyber-punk style. This event packed full of original art and music is one you surely do not want to miss!

Who will win this year’s Art Battle during NKRIOT’s performance? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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