Doctor Pepper’s Not Just For Drinking


By Melissa Mallin

Diplo’s back at it again with a new release called “Dr.Pepper.” Teaming up with South Korean superstar CL, plus RiFF RAFF, and OG Maco, “Dr. Pepper” lays down a flawless hook you’ll find stuck in your head almost immediately. Cue in RiFF RAFF’s Versace rhymes and OG Maco’s Atlanta-style rap and you’ll find yourself driving backwards through Rome in a Range Rover, blaring “Dr.Pepper” on repeat all day long. Most likely though, you’ll just find yourself driving to the gas station in a serious need of a nice, cold, refreshing Dr. Pepper. Check it out for yourself below and click here to purchase the track on iTunes! BEWARE: This song is seriously catchy…

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