You Had to Be at Brownies & Lemonade Ultra After Party

Photo Courtesy of Quasar Media

Photo Courtesy of Quasar Media

LA-based party Brownies & Lemonade created an international name for itself, curating high-energy events with secret-guest lineups offering the best and brightest in electronic music and hip-hop for years. Ultra’s 20 Year Anniversary was their first visit in Miami. Brownies and Lemonade conquered an all-day festival stage takeover and an official after party in downtown Miami full of friends. This amazing opportunity of 17 hours of nonstop music is something they could never have imagined when they were throwing sketchy back alley parties a few years ago, especially to overtake a stage or sell out a party in a city they have never been to. This experience is unforgettable.

There are a few principles that have helped Brownies and Lemonade get to where they are today. It is important to challenge yourself, be selfless, take criticism, evolve, and adapt, and collaborate with people. Also, remember to stay humble, embrace change, be driven, and stay focused. “We honestly couldn’t be more excited to put together a stage at Ultra with talented artists and friends who we feel represent the future of cutting-edge electronic music,” Brownies and Lemonade said in an email statement. “Our stage will be a unique blend of all the features that we’re known to bring to our events: impactful rising talent, high energy sets, rare B2Bs, and renowned surprise guests that will make this an unforgettable experience. This is our first time in Miami, so you know we had to do it to ’em.'”

The surprises and secret guests were neverending. I experienced the greatest B2B sets. The after party was located at The Hangar, a Downtown Miami contemporary event space. As soon as I stepped into the after party, the first thing I saw was weare2cents. DJ Craze and Four Color Zack brought the bass and groove. Next on the decks was Manila Killa B2B Myrne, and they definitely were making waves bringing the tropical house. This subgenre music reminds you of the beach because it is relaxing and melodic. Now imagine this, GTA B2B Valentino Khan following right after!  Miami residents weareGTA brought the good times. Since they also often hang out with Valentino Khan, this B2B seemed effortless. They let their music do the talking for them, and this art form was very apparent. And the best part of the night, a triple header! Ekali B2B DJ 4B B2B Wuki featuring GTA. This stunning B2B was everything we could have hoped for.

Brownies and Lemonade have outdone themselves for their first year in Miami! If you missed any part of it, tune in to our curated Brownies and Lemonade playlist!



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