Watch Me Rave: It’s time to RAGE


Watch Me Rave: It’s time to RAGE!

By Crowd Mover

Some of the most exciting things about preparing for a festival are putting themed outfits together, coordinating costumes with your rave family and gathering vast amounts of glow sticks and blinky accessories to light up the night once the sun goes down. Anyone who’s ever been to a large-scale festival has witnessed the raver who has their arm covered in kandi, from wrist to shoulder, proving that you really can’t have too many accessories on your arm. Whether you’re a kandi-kid or not, keeping track of time is paramount to catching as many of your favorite DJ sets as possible, or even rallying up the rave fam at the meetup spot next to the giant mushroom statue.

If you leave your watch at the hotel to make room for kandi and your phone dies, Watch Me Rave brings you the perfect LED watch to compliment any rave outfit or costume to save you from missing your favorite DJ. With a clean design that looks like any normal watch, you can wear it for any situation during the day. But, with the touch of a button, the watch turns into a light show, with a beautiful multi-colored LED light cycle to brighten up your night. These watches are so much more than just a glow stick that you toss away after one use!


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