Step Into Convulsic’s Love Space

Convulsic Issue 6 Preview

Step Into Convulsic’s Love Space
By: Denice Dal Braccio

Some of your influences are Skrillex, Jim Morrison, and Zomboy. Which artist or track inspired you to start producing dubstep?

That is an excellent question. I feel they all played a certain roll in my musical journey. All of these artists are extremely talented at what they do and I have tried to model certain aspects of my own sound from each of them. If I had to name an artist that was the most influential, I would say Zomboy has opened the door for my creative freedom. The ability to use chaotic sounds in such an organized way is something I have always found fascinating about bass music

When you were really young, you heard techno remixes from the video games Zelda and Mario. Which video game today do you think has the best sounds or music?


Borderlands 2, aside from being an epic title all around, has some nice bass tracks laced in. Also, Dead Rising 2 has some good music. It is amazing how many places Dubstep is starting to surface. If you pay attention to the music on commercials, you will see what I mean.

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