Stellar Steps Into the Light with Exclusive Interview

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Stellar Steps Into The Light
By: Andrew Lazar

Since your move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas you’ve made much more than a small footprint in the sands of Nevada. Can you tell us what the switch from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was like?

It was a trip! I’ve always been kind of a club kid and I’ve always loved the rave scene. When I got to Vegas, I wanted to get to know as many people as I could. Even before I was a DJ, I learned, you can’t expect support unless you support others.

Did you move out to Vegas to try and take the next step in your career or did you just want a change of scenery?


It was a spur of the moment thing, actually. One of my really good friends had just broken-up with his girl and asked me if I wanted to move to Vegas with him. So, three days later I took that leap.

Your label, Calamity of Noise (CON Records), is now being recognized as one of the fastest rising record labeling hailing from the West Coast. What are your future plans for the record label?

It originally wasn’t a record label. It started as an artist management and production company. I’d gotten involved in the scene so much and I wanted a name behind what I was doing. I actually took the name from an Incubus song. I really liked and appreciated the word “calamity” and started using it in my vocabulary all the time and it just stuck. One thing I really love about the label is that it’s a great outlet for new and young artists by helping to launch their careers.

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