Seven Lions Loose in the Mile High City [Event Review]

Seven Lions Loose in the Mile High City
By Amina Otto

Even as a seasoned patron of Denver’s renowned Beta Nightclub, I was astounded at the throng that swarmed the dance floor on April 17th 2014 to witness the performance of Seven Lions. Arriving there well before the main attraction, I was still hard pressed (literally) to find space in the club. All through out the high-energy opening acts the club just kept filling up, until it was quite a mission to move even a few steps in any direction. The two-storey venue was completely filled to capacity. By the time the headliner took the stage, the crowd was already drenched in each other’s sweat and more than ready to show this famous DJ how to rage a mile above sea level. As soon as Seven Lions took to the decks, the audience was fully engaged, whooping and ululating at such volume that even the Funktion-One speakers were hard pressed to make first few notes of his set audible. From the first drop onward, the crowd was completely enthralled: hands swatted the air and fists pumped in unison while heads bobbed and feet left the floor at tempo. If the attendees of Beta thought they were hot and close before, they were in for a rude awakening. Everyone surged against each other, shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, unable to really move but equally unable to resist the strong bass and heart rending melodies that washed over us, forcing us to dance. The coupling of the music and the light display was so well organized, it soon became difficult to separate one from the other. It was impossible not to lose oneself in the pulse of strobes and lasers, in the rhythm and emotion pouring from the sound system; dancing was inevitable, and the body’s way of responding to how music moved the soul.

Skillfully blending elements of dubstep, trance, and electro, Seven Lions captivated and engaged his onlookers, often allowing himself to give in to his own creation and move like the rest of us. Though the show was definitely enthusiastic and hard hitting, the crowd never seemed burned out or bored. This veteran DJ knew how to work with the ebb and flow of energy, and did an impeccable job of navigating enthusiastic bass drops into softer tear-evoking trance breakdowns, and building it right back up to the fist-pumping level. The sea of dancers oscillated and writhed in response to the colorful lights and his irresistible tunes, never staying still and never wanting to– it was as if the music itself was a stimulant powerful enough to fuel hundreds of people to dance for at least two hours straight. For tracks such as “Days to Come (ft. Fiora)” or “Strangers (with Myon and Shane 54)” individuals could be witnessed throwing an arm around complete strangers’ shoulders while belting out the lyrics and swaying hypnotically until the drop came, which cued the reign of happy chaos. The crowd was completely synchronous for the entirety of the set and the dance floor was always uncomfortably packed. The end of the night was met with good natured disappointment and reluctance to leave. Even as the crowd spilt up into respective friend groups and found the exits, there were already words being exchanged about the unforgettable night.

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