PLURtags: A Charm That Travels


PLURtags: A Charm That Travels
By: Melissa Mallin

Have you ever wondered what happens to kandi after you trade it? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch your kandi bracelets travel around the world and keep track of where they wind up? Well, now you can with PLURtags, a geotag charm that literally allows you to watch your bracelets travel.

Designed specifically for kandi trading, PLURtags is a unique way of bringing the EDM community closer together. By using a specialized geotag charm, an electronic tag that assigns a geographic location to the bracelet, PLURtags allows you to watch your traded bracelets travel, leave comments, link your social media sites, and stay connected.

The idea of PLURtags came after Michelle Fetky traded her first bracelet at TomorrowWorld 2013. She received a blue and yellow beaded bracelet that said “happy” and a yellow Buddha face and yellow peace charm hanging from the beads. After the festival, like many of us, she wondered where the bracelet had originated from and how many people it had been traded to. Thus, the invention of PLURtags was born.


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