Park N Rave Necessities to Bring with You

Drive-in Rave

Park n raves are continuing to rise in popularity and frequency. New show dates seem to be released every week! However, the way we prepare for these is closer to that of a camping festival than a downtown indoor venue. Check out the guide below to see the five things you should consider before hitting the road for your next park n rave.

As a friendly disclaimer, rules vary for each event. Please be sure you check the venue and promotor’s websites to ensure you know and follow all rules. This will ensure we’re still able to enjoy the beauty of live music in a safe setting.

Face Masks for Drive-In Raves

Park N Rave Necessity #1 – Face Mask

As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, these are a necessity. It is unlikely you will remain in your car the entire duration of the rave so you will need to wear your mask anytime you are around others, such as using the bathroom. Mask enforcement varies from each event and venue. Some may require you to wear it even when sitting in the bed of your truck. Please be sure to follow any and all mask regulations for your particular event.

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Jumper Cables for Drive-In Raves

Necessity #2 – Jumper Cables

Arguably the most important thing on the list, you should have a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle. Your car engine will be off during the performance but you will be using your battery as you listen to each set from a specific radio station designated by the venue. This can kill your car battery after some hours. Many drive-in venues only have a couple of pairs for guest use, and I promise, they will be in use.

Blankets for Drive-In Raves

Necessity #3 – Blankets

Whether you’re looking to make your backseat, the back of an SUV, or the ground more comfortable, blankets are a necessity. As we get further into autumn and that much closer to winter, these serve a dual purpose to keep you warm as well. Since you will likely be parked on gravel or pavement, bring blankets that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

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Insect Repellent for Drive-In Raves

Necessity #4 – Insect Repellent 

Especially for those who are a little further South, mosquitos are out and about in the evenings. Although you may not feel them while dancing and getting lost in the music, they’re there. Some people are more prone to bug bites than others. Consider bringing some along in case anyone in your party finds themselves the main course of some mosquito’s dinner. These days there’s more than just spray available. Bracelets and mini lanterns are now options too.

Hand Warmers for Drive-In Raves

Necessity #5 – Hand Warmers

If there is one thing that won’t stop us from raving, it’s cold weather. Whether you’re at a venue covered in snow or stuck in the middle of a sudden cold front, bring a pack of hand warmers. For those who enjoy partaking in flow arts, this will make a world of difference when tossing around your hoop or catching poi.

Snacks for Drive-In Raves

BONUS: Snacks & Drinks

As with the face mask policy, each event and venue will have its own rules and regulations for outside food and drink. But due to COVID-19, many are making exceptions to this rule as they keep their concession stands closed. Depending on your drive to and from the venue, along with the duration of your stay there, you may find yourself hungry. Snacks will keep your energy high to rave through the night. Be sure to verify the food and beverage policy for your specific event and venue. Don’t forget to eat and drink responsibly.

There you have it, the essentials you must take with you to your next park n rave. Do you have any additional necessities you take? Comment below and let us know what else to add to our packing list!

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