Your New Ticket To Success: TuneRise


Your New Ticket To Success: TuneRise
By Megan Golish

You discover you have a musical talent. Maybe you possess the ability to produce harmonious patterns with the touch of your fingers. Or maybe you are overflowing with brilliant ideas on how to guide the next musical sensation. Either way, the next crucial question is, what now? There is no way that you should just let your talent go to waste and shrivel away unnoticed. The next step is to get discovered and let your talent be appreciated by someone other than yourself. Luckily with the launch of a new digital talent discovery platform by the name of TuneRise, this last step just got a whole lot easier!

Created by teams behind the already established platforms ScreenCraft, Buffalo 8 Productions and Bondit, TuneRise just became a door of opportunity and recognition for unsigned artists all around the world. Without a substantial fan base it is difficult to get discovered, but through the use of approaches such as genre-based contests, TuneRise is making success within reach to the millions of unsigned artists who are just itching for the opportunity to stand out. This fresh new platform enables artists to submit their original content directly to the site in the hopes of winning remarkable prizes such as performance opportunities, professional equipment, sponsored merchandise, as well as hands-on prizes that range from mentorships to in-person pitch meetings with executives who are already significant in the music industry.

To kick off their launch, TuneRise is encouraging unsigned artists from near and far to participate in their inaugural Electronic Music contest. As mentioned on their page, TuneRise wants to take YOUR music to the top of everyone’s playlist. Yes, that’s right, this site wants to be the hands that guide your first step towards success. With the help of a panel of experienced judges, the chosen winner of this opening contest will find himself or herself on an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles.


So all that is left to ask is, what are you waiting for? If you are just bursting with musical talent it is time to let the possibilities unravel. With just an effortless click, TuneRise is here to help. By visiting their website here, artists can sign up and wager their chances at being discovered as the next innovative DJ or electronic music producer. Submissions are accepted until the cutoff date on January 10, 2016. For further information on TuneRise and the Electronic Music contest, visit and take a look for yourself. With a simple click, the next big name could be you!

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