Music Review: Unknown Brain and Spce CadeX: “Holding You”

Spce CadeX

You ever feel one of those days where you want bae to hold you? Or you just want to live in the moment. This song is the one to vibe to, whether you’re single or not. The collaboration with Unknown Brain and Spce CadeX in their new song “Holding You.”

Music Review: “Holding You” by Unknown Brain and Spce CadeX

The other day, my friend told me to check out a song. When listening to it at first glance, I couldn’t help but feel a break from what I was going through. Especially inspiration from Marshmello’s earlier work.

In the beginning of the song, it is prominently vocal of the talented Max Landry, with minimal pop bass influences. The vocals automatically draw you in. In the next few minutes after that, the title of the song “Holding You” drops and that’s what drew me in.

As a person who is into melodic dubstep, this is the best way to describe it. The feel of the song reminds me of Illenium meets Mello with the beat breakdowns. The song is an uplifting song that reflects the message and production of the song. I quite honestly can’t stop listening to it.



More about Spce CadeX

Based in New York City, Spce CadeX’s sound can be described as Future Pop Bass with a touch of catchy top lines. They firmly believe music is the best form of self-expression. Music is the best way to show emotions and feelings without even saying a word. Spce CadeX is all about being uplifting and not showing negativity in life…  no matter what the outcome is.

With their recent releases, they’ve been supported by many known artists in the industry like The Chainsmokers, Pegboard Nerds, Breathe Carolina and many more. 2017 is the year the world hears about Spce CadeX, so get ready for 2018 as these guys have a lot more new tracks coming up. You can learn more about Spce CadeX here.

What’s your favorite song by Spce CadeX? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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