Let Your Fan Flag Fly High For A Night At Fandomite

There are definitely times in the year where it feels right to just dress up in your favorite alter-ego, show out, and party hard for the night. Whether you’re between festivals or your fav DJ’s set is still a ways away, Fandomite comes to the rescue.

Dubbed as the “#1 spring cosplay party,” Fandomite is an 18 and over wicked party event. It will be held on June 14th and set in the hub of Toronto from 7-10 pm. For just 25 bucks, you’re encouraged to come as any of your most beloved characters or concepts at the Revival Bar on 783 College Street.

Courtesy of Fandomite

The event has plenty to keep you busy as there is a super wide and diverse variety of entertainment options. It will feature plenty of contests, prizes and maybe, most importantly, lots of food & beverages. And, of course, there will be a nice selection of music including EDM mixes.

Let your fan flag fly high and proud this night as you celebrate what you love dressed as your favorite food group, anime character, kandi babe, or inspiring meme icon in the city with games and contests rivaling your fav festival.


Other activities you can look forward to include: a raffle (currently huge summer CNE fair and AGO museum tix are up for grabs), costume contest, a masquerade contest, getting (temporary) tattooed, and posing in the photo booth. There will also be a silent auction, a huge comic book wall, a drawn caricature corner, a meet & greet mingle session, and a haunted house for our Halloween die-hards.

Courtesy of Fandomite

To be honest, these engaging events aren’t even the icing on the fun dipflavored cake. The best part is event profits raised will be going straight to the Ronald McDonald House Charites. This is not including the portion also shared with the local George Brown College Foundation to support student scholarships and bursaries.

So get your Instagram apps open and ready to capture a fun night to escape the mundane and get a little weird and wired this spring! Get your tickets here before they run out!

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