‘Drop The Top’ with DJ & Producer Kleøpatra [Exclusive Interview]

Kleøpatra is a rising star, shooting out of Park City, Utah, who is garnering attention from Excision, Riot Ten, Zeds Dead, and more with her aggressive and moody take on dubstep. With the dance floor in mind, Kleøpatra released her newest track, ‘Drop The Top,’ which features a four-on-the-floor bass house beat and high-octane energy unlike anything heard before.

Who Is Kleøpatra? How Did You Come Up With Your Name?

Because Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me, how I chose my name is very fitting. In 2016, the stars aligned with the pyramids for the first time in 2,373 years. Within that same week, I realized DJing and production was what I wanted to do with my life. 

What Instruments Do You Play? And How Has That Impacted Your Ability To Create Music?

Growing up, I was a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. I played piano, guitar, clarinet, and violin. This really helped with music theory and song structure.

What Made You Decide To Pursue A Career As A DJ And Producer? And How Did You Get Into Producing Music?

Out of high school, I became friends with people who threw big events, they always invited me, and one day it just hit me that this is what I was meant to do. I dropped out of the University of Utah when I was 20 to attend Salt Lake DJ & Production to learn how to use Ableton; the rest is history.


Why Did Dubstep Appeal To You?

Early in my career, I was making Big Room and Trap music. It wasn’t until I was part of a duo that made me realize how much I liked making dubstep music. I loved the high-intensity and heavy drops and the fact that you can blend almost any genre with it.

What Would You Say Is A Challenge You’ve Had To Deal With In The Process Of Becoming A Producer?

I’d say my biggest challenge was getting my foot in the door. I had to relentlessly promote my music on EDM group pages for different states.

What Was Your Creative And Production Process For Drop The Top?’

First, I started with drums and the sound design on the drop. Then I create the build-up and intro all while returning to the drop to bring in some of those same elements.

You Typically Create Heavy Bass-fueled Music. What Inspired You To Create A Bass-house Track? And Was This Your First House Track?

Yes, this is my very first house track! Zeds Dead is a big inspiration as they’re constantly releasing different genres. 

Do You Think You Will Dabble In House Music More?

Absolutely! I already have a few tracks made. 

Are There Any Other Genres You Want To Work With?

Future bass is one I’ve been dabbling with, and I plan to release music in the future.

How Do You Think Of Your Song Themes? Do They Just Come To You As The Music Develops, Or Do You Go Into It With An Outline?

I don’t usually have an outline. I will start creating, and they usually just come to me as I’m producing! 

What Is The Creative State You Try To Be In During The Creation Process?  Is There A Certain Setting Or Way You Want Your Studio To Look?

The vibe is a big part of setting the tone for creativity for me. I have a few sound-activated, color-changing lights that I like to have on in my studio. But most importantly, both my studio and house have to be clean. I find that producing with clutter around is distracting.  

What Marks The Completion Of A Song?

Occasionally a song is complete when I can’t think of anything else that should be added. But sometimes, a song is complete when the outro is complete or if I have sent the song to my friends for feedback. If they don’t have any notes for me, I consider it done and release it. 

What Can Your Fans Expect To See From Kleøpatra Next? Anything You Can Tell Us About?

I can’t tell you everything I am working on, but I’ll be dropping another heavy dubstep track! 

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