Freedom Festival’s 10th Anniversary in Portugal



By Melissa Mallin

The 10th Anniversary of Freedom Festival will take place, Aug. 11-16, in Herdade da Chaminé, a large lakeside landscape near Elvas, in Portugal. Entering the realm of freedom state, where the only flag that exists is the one that belongs to the state of mind, fans will gather for a party without borders and where the psychadelic-spirit presents itself in every expression of art, music and intellectual ideas. For six days under the Portuguese sun, trancers from over 100 countries, will find themselves filled with peace, love, unity, and psychedelic music.

More than 40,000 people are expected to attend the bi annual Freedom Festival, which culminates a creative and collective energy. The lineup will include Ace Ventura, Neelix, Tristan, Talamasca, and many others, tuning fans into the frequency of celebration, connection, creative energy, and laughter.

The festival will provide an “Experience Lodge,” which includes music, classes, talks, and cinema, all relating to Shamanism- plant medicine and its underlying power. The “Chill Dome” will welcome the Portuguese projects of Zen Baboon and Racoon, the French Land Switcher, and more creators of atmospheric rhythms and melodies. In the “Healing Area,” fans will find discovery and spiritual growth in workshops, mediation, massages, and whole lot of love.

In honor of 2015 being the International Year of Light and light-based technologies, the theme of the festival will be Light and Life. This is to underline the significance of light in the needs of humankind albeit information, sustainable development and increasing social health and well-being.


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