Enter Trap Heaven With Slander (Exclusive Interview)


Back when you first began at UC Irvine, not many people knew that you actually started off by playing House music. How did you transition from being a House DJ to becoming the successful Trap icons you are today?

Our taste progressed as EDM progressed. Five years ago, when we were DJing locally,  we played House and Trance because that’s what we gravitated to at the time. However, once we heard the “Original Don,” (Flosstradamus Remix)… everything changed.

You guys are credited with the creation of a whole new genre of music called, “Heaven Trap.” Can you explain to us where this name came from? How does it feel to create your own genre?

The name Heaven Trap came from wanting to describe our music with a location. The ‘Heaven’ part came from trying to describe a place of pure euphoria and joy; a place with no problems, no stress… just love! This is what we want people to feel when they listen to Heaven Trap. We want them to feel as though they are free from this world.


Also, for artist coming up, it’s important to label your sound as something unique; something that hasn’t been done before. That’s the only way to stand out in the hoard of electronic producers out there.

For our readers who are new to Slander, what track should they listen to first and why?

Our Above and Beyond remix of “Love is Not Enough” is the best place to start because it really kicked off everything for us 🙂

If you could choose one artist from another genre to do a dream collaboration with, who would it be with and why?

If we could do a collaboration with Linkin Park in the style of their first two albums, that would make the kids inside us really freak out because those were some of the first albums we ever owned.

Can you guys share with us a funny story you have while touring?

Hm… I’m just going to say that watching DJ’s try and outdrink each other always leads to something memorable (laughs).

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