EDM YouTube Channels to Discover New Music

EDM YouTube Channels

Are you looking for EDM YouTube channels to discover new music? A pioneer of the digital age, the platform houses many music channels showcasing all the sounds you would ever need. It’s a treasure trove for music discovery if you know where to look. Fortunately, I do and now so will you. Here are five channels to keep your listening experience fresh.

Spend some time on YouTube exploring these channels. I guarantee you’ll find some new sound that’ll make your day. The very best part: this is by no means an all-inclusive list. Get searching, get listening, and tell me what you find.Proximity music channel


Back in my high school days, there were many nights spent slaving away at last minute research papers at 3 am. There were two constants in those days: a can of monster next to the laptop and a tab with Proximity playing music in the background. I discovered a lot of artists through the channel including a DJ that would go on to become one of my favorites: Illenium.

Now a pretty common name among EDM circles, Proximity boasts 8.73 Million subscribers. They showcase artists both big and small, along with exciting content like their much-loved end of year mixes. If you’re not already one of those millions, trust that Proximity lives up to their mantra. You’ll find “your favorite music you haven’t heard yet.”


Click here to check out Proximity on YouTube.

Mr. Suicide Sheep music channel


With 12.6 Million subscribers, MrSuicideSheep’s channel has grown exponentially over the years. Showcasing a wide range of EDM as well as other genres, there’s something for everyone. However, some of their most popular uploads, like the ones I love, are the darker and beautiful ones.

I came across the channel during my moody years, which admittedly hasn’t yet really ended. It put me on to one of my favorite songs: “BRN” by Aviva. I listen to it whenever I need writing inspiration. Explore the channel yourself and find your own inspiration. Just be prepared to cry.

Click here to check out MrSuicideSheep on YouTube.

Xefox music channel

Xefox Music

Every time I hear electro swing, I either end up dancing or moving like a weirdo to those who might judge my dance skills. When it comes to glitch hop, something about it makes my brain create all those happy chemicals. While these two genres seem unrelated, Xefox Music manages to create a space where they both thrive.

Sporting a modest 225K subscribers, Xefox Music has earned every single one. She showcases a 24/7 live electro swing jam, east vs. west EDM mixes, and even Japanese hip hop. Exploring her channel is some of the most fun you’ll have all month.

I stumbled across the channel after the 8-bit electro gaming mix for June 2018 came up on my suggestions. I listened to it on a very passionate ride to the shore that summer. Xefox Music will forever have a place in my heart, and yours too if you give it a listen.

Click here to check out Xefox Music on YouTube.

xKito music channel

xKito Music

Racking up a respectable 2.52 Million subscribers, xKito Music is not one to sleep on. She showcases sick entries in the classic EDM categories you love, along with anime-inspired illustrations. In anime speak, she wins best girl for the best beats.

I’ll never forget finding the song “Feels So Good” with Aviella. It was the day one of my friends got married. The beat switch-up was so nasty, I felt like a badass for the whole occasion. It may have been her big day, but I totally felt like the main character. xKito Music has many more edgy songs for you to discover.

She also diversifies her content with live streams, as well as uploads to a second channel. If video games or Nightcore sound like your cup of tea, check out her auxiliary content.

Click here to check out xKito Music on YouTube.

Wandering Music music channel

Wandering Music

Four years ago, I finished High School. I closed a chapter of late-night, energy drink-and-music-fueled escapades. Ironically, I work third shift now, opening a whole new chapter. On my most recent shift, I was slamming down a red bull listening to Wandering Music.

I was instantly hit with so many nostalgic memories that it left me staggering. It reminded me of the same feelings I got when I first listened to Proximity.

Wandering Music is relatively still small, with 18.1K subscribers. Four years ago they uploaded their first video making them still relatively new to the community. They showcase start-up artists with ambitious mashups in what they call “Inspired Mixtapes”. They’re a channel with great potential showing off artists with great potential. Keep them on your radar in the coming years.

Click here to check out Wandering Music on YouTube.

What music channels do you follow on YouTube? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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