DVBBS On What It Feels Like To Perform Live

DVBBS Tsunami Hits Landfall

DVBBS Tsunami Hits Landfall
By: Andrew Lazar

What production software and hardware do you use?

We prefer using Ableton, Nexus VSTs, Sylenth Isotope, and Camel Crusher for distortion. Sometimes we use Massive for our bass tones.

What is your Favorite VST?


For Synths, we find ourselves using Nexus and Sylenth a lot.

You both co-produced a very successful hit with Borgeous called “Tsunami”. Did you expect that to be such a massive hit overnight?

We are really critical of what we work on, but this one has something really special to it. I think we knew there was something special about the song. We knew it had a new flavor of bigroom and we knew the scene. With the timing of Tomorrowland and with other people that were behind it, Spinnin Records had a great marketing plan behind it. We also had really big support from Hardwell and Sander Van Doorn before it came out. When Tomorrowland came around, it all aligned. I think there is so much music being put out there, but I feel like when it all aligns properly with a release, it tends to give it that extra fire and it makes it become a worldwide song. It’s just a world song. You know everyone loves to chant it. In many ways, it created a movement. We had no idea it would get to this extent, though. I don’t think anyone ever does.

How did you two connect with Borgeous?

We moved to Los Angeles last February and he was one of the first people that we met. He was in the club scene in Los Angeles. We went to all the hot spots in LA and he happened to be the one who was hosting us around. We found out he was a really dope producer as well, so we did three or four tracks together like Tsunami and Stampede.

When you come to Winter Music Conference (WMC), what do you normally expect?

This is our first WMC. I can definitely expect a lot of sun. If you have really white skin pigment, make sure you lotion up. There is constant music going on here and everyone’s here connecting for the love of dance music. There are all different kinds of sounds everywhere you walk; different sounds and different types of music. There are thousands of people and a party that goes for eight days straight, all for the love of house music. It’s a great vibe and positive energy from the people here.

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