Dirtybirds of a Feather Camp Together [Event Preview]

dbllineup2016Dirtybirds of a Feather Camp Together [Event Preview]

Ashley Isnor


Birdies around the globe have begun making preparations to come home to roost at one of the grooviest festivals of today, the cherished Dirtybird Campout. The talent to be headlining the show was officially released, in its entirety, on August 1st. Veteran artists on the label will join shining newcomers to formulate a weekend that will forever imprint itself onto the hearts of attendees.


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Between being personally served pizza by Justin Martin; celebrating a tug-o-war victory with founder Barcalay Crenshaw himself, and a sound system that practically shakes the fabric of time and space, there is so much to discover at this closely-knit festival. Discover the magic October 7th through the 9th at the scenic Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California.


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Last year marked the first manifestation of this truly magical event. This year, considering the lineup and the unwavering dedication and imagination of the production teams, the campout holds many promises of greatness. Join the Dirtybirds for a whimsical weekend of friendship, summer camp-inspired activities, and some of the gnarliest sets you will see all year. Words alone cannot do this spectacular festival the justice it deserves; so trust me, and come experience the magic for yourself. Only about a month remains to obtain your tickets and make arrangements.


Do you wish to take part in the festivities, but just can’t manage it financially? The great people at Dirtybird have created an avenue to help you experience the delight. The Counselor in Training Work Exchange Program is now taking applications. The program requires a deposit on a ticket. The deposit is reimbursed at the end of the weekend; after your work is completed to satisfaction. The program also provides free catering and showers.


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Itching to get your Dirtybird on already? Check out this tasty promo mix by Billy Kenny, released in anticipation of this splendid experience. Also, take a listen to Walker and Royce’s set from the inaugural campout.


Exciting new additions promise to make this year’s campout experience (somehow) even better than before! Some of the fresh fun includes midnight hikes, midnight karaoke, midnight capture the flag, a “living room” puppet show, a wood carving workshop, cornhole, the “ironbird” challenge, and drunken waiter relay. Until October 7th arrives, we will be patiently counting down the seconds. Be sure to check out our event coverage during and after the event. Hope to see you there!dbcamp2

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