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Best Rave Movies

What are the best rave movies of all time? With so many unique rave movies throughout the years, I made sure to include ones that could also be considered documentaries.

This list also includes movies that showcase the rave scene even if the rave aspect wasn’t the main focus of it.

Doing this highlights the evolution of how the scene has been portrayed on the big screens over the past few decades. If you want to learn more about EDM, the different subgenres, DJ/Producers, and what songs fall into each category, be sure to also check out our article on the History and Genres of EDM here. 

Every time I watch one of these films, it brings me back to when I first started raving.


The nostalgia is so real.

These are in order somewhat of popularity starting from the top down.

You don’t want to miss out on seeing any of these classics.

Do a weekend marathon of these films and enjoy the ride!

Human Traffic Best Rave Movies

Human Traffic

A cult classic relives the day of the weekend party kids in the UK during the 1990s. This rave movie is a nonstop wild ride when going to clubs with one aim only. This storyline’s focus was for the characters to get absolutely trashed.

Justin Kerrigan made this film when he was only 25 years old with a very low budget. This, I would argue, is what makes this film great. Instead of the teenager love that we saw in America, we got a wild weekend in Cardiff.

Click here to watch Human Traffic on Amazon.

Groove Best Rave Movies


Groove is a super famous and popular rave movie everyone quotes. Based in the San Francisco underground rave warehouse district, Groove showcases a rave through multiple storylines.

Several well-known DJs make an appearance including WishFM, Polywog, Forrest Green, and of course the main attraction for the movie, John Digweed. If you were curious and wanted to know how raves were formed back in the day, watch this film.

Click here to watch Groove on Amazon.

Rave Macbeth Best Rave Movies

Rave Macbeth

Who remembers the time going to Shakespeare class and wondering how universal Shakespeare was? With Rave Macbeth, here comes a rave film that is loosely, and I mean loosely, based on it. The story is of an ambitious character named Marcus who wants to be the king of the rave.  This movie is a heart-pumping danceathon low-budget film.

As Marcus states on screen, “Lydia and I had broken all the rules. The only rules of peace, love, unity, and respect. Somehow we replaced everything with hate and it really is too bad it all had to end the way it did. I just hope, sometime, somewhere, Lydia and I can get a chance to dance, dance forever.”

This film is hard to find but I was able to find a link for you to purchase the DVD. It’s rare and not currently available to stream.

Click here to watch Rave Macbeth on DVD.

A Midsummer Night’s Rave

Just like “Rave Macbeth”, A Midsummer Night’s Rave this one also takes on William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Dream. Chances are you read this play in High School. If not, well I won’t bore you with the details behind it but this rave movie has been used for the McDonald’s of Shakespeare movies like “10 Things I Hate About You”.

The storyline revolves around friends connecting with their long-secret lovers during a night of dancing, lights, and unadulterated fun. Actors Andrew Keegan and Chad Lindberg are what make this movie great.

Click here to watch A Midsummer Night’s Rave via Amazon.

Party Monster Best Rave Movies

Party Monster

Party Monster is a rave movie based on the memoir Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland by Michael Alig which focuses on the rise and fall of the early 90s New York club scene. This story is not for the faint of heart. Macaulay Culkin plays the “King of the Club Kids”. His image at the time was still left with the Home Alone movies. This had people wondering what happened to this child star actor.

Get ready for a movie with all sorts of flair, fun, violence, and the New York City club life call coming into one. The saying “I’m not addicted to drugs, I’m addicted to glamour” is a spectacle cautionary tale about partying just a little too hard.

Click here to watch Party Monster on Amazon via Freevee.

Go Best Rave Movies


Go is a film narrative with multiple perspectives of a group of people who work or have been to a grocery store that day. It’s set during Christmas Eve and why not attend your favorite warehouse party, or better yet, a hot adventure to Vegas? This film is set over one night and captures the LA underground scene featuring well-known actress Katie Holmes.

Find out what happens when the ecstasy pills they were taking were actually aspirin and the cheating couple is having a fling with the same person. Go is ultimately a fun but not too seriously driven rave movie.

Click here to watch Go on Amazon.

Return of the Living Dead Rave to the Grave Best Rave Movies

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave

If you grew up in the zombie film days you probably of heard of The Living Dead. Well, the Rave to the Grave version was made with this one in mind. In a nutshell, this is about a Halloween rave party that has people taking a drug called “Z” that turns them into zombies. If you like B, C, or even D-rated movies, this is a movie you must check out.

Click here to watch Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave on Amazon.

Origins of EDM: Better Living Through Circuitry

This film was one of the best rave documentaries to make it to DVD back in the day. I’m always get told, “I wish I was able to experience what the rave culture was like in the 90s”. Well, here you go. I won’t even begin with underground artists like Scanner, Genesis P-Orridge, Keoki, DJ Spooky, and BT. You get to learn about NASA parties and all the fun ones out in the middle of the desert with Dub Tribe.

I guarantee you will be in awe not only by the music but how DJs felt during that time. As our old-timer operations manager, Max here at EDM World would say, “It was just a different vibe and set of rules to go have fun on the weekends.”

Click here to watch Origins of EDM: Better Living Through Circuitry on Amazon.

Rolling Best Rave Movies


Set in Los Angeles, Rolling showcases the typical storyline of what it’s like to party in California on Ecstasy. It highlights a variety of people on different paths from all corners of life including a lawyer, med student, drag queen, and teacher experience nightlight.

Click here to watch Rolling on Amazon.

It's All Gone Pete Tong Best Rave Movies

It’s All Gone, Pete Tong

As a music lover, this rave film really strikes a nerve. It showcases a nightmare situation about what happens when you lose your hearing and go deaf. It’s set in one of the biggest club meccas in the world, Ibiza, Spain, and delivers an uplifting story of someone who hits rock bottom and then lifts themselves out of the depths of darkness.

Click here to watch It’s All Gone, Pete Tong on Amazon via Freevee.

Kevin & Perry Go Large Best Rave Movies

Kevin and Perry Go Large

Kevin and Perry Go Large is a 2000 British teen comedy based on a popular UK sketch comedy series. The two characters are desperately uncool, hormonally challenged sex-obsessed adolescent boys on a mission to become world-famous DJs and lose their virginity. I have yet to check this one out but it was one that kept coming up as a recommendation in our community.

Click here to watch Kevin and Perry Go Large on Amazon.


This film came out during the pandemic in 2020. Set in Scotland in 1994, this film follows two best friends who sneak out to an illegal rave for one last crazy night together. It’s an impactful story of friendship, rebellion, and the irresistible power of music.

Click here to watch Beats on Amazon.

We Are Your Friends Best Rave Movies

We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends features actor Zac Efron and actress Emily Ratajkowski. Aside from the eye candy, this film is Hollywood’s attempt at the new party scene life as a DJ following his journey to produce a hit song and make it big. The soundtrack to this rave movie is worth checking out at a minimum.

Click here to watch We Are Your Friends on Amazon.

What are your favorite rave movies? Swipe up to comment below and let me know! If I happened to miss any popular rave movies in this list, please also let me know so I can add it.


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