The Best Hydration Pack for Ravers

Hydration Backpack
Which is the best hydration pack for ravers? In one of my previous articles, we talked about why ravers should invest in one. With a dizzying amount of choices on the market, finding the right hydration pack is a shot in the dark. To save you the hassle of choosing incorrectly, I decided to try a couple for you. Here’s what I found out.

Reinos hydration backpack

Reinos Hydration Pack

First up is Reinos. Of the two of these basic light types, this one was the most spacious. It has two separate compartments, an insulated side for your water and a regular side for your other stuff. At around $25, it’s one of the cheaper options. It comes in a whole slew of different designs including this space design for you nerdy ravers like me.

This hydration backpack works perfectly while walking. However, I ran into a small leaking issue when I started jumping. The water bladder(container) design lets a small amount of water escape from the cap connection. The problem is easily fixed by swapping out the bladder for a different one. Looking at the reviews, I wasn’t the only one with this issue.

All in all, this pack is cheap and roomy but it needs a modification to be rave-ready for jumping. If you aren’t going to be jumping the current bladder will do just fine. Click here to get your Reinos hydration pack on Amazon.


SoJourner hydration backpack

SoJourner Hydration Pack

SoJourner’s hydration pack is definitely for those that want to make a stylish statement. The floral design for this is set against a hexagon pattern that, for some inexplicable reason, I am obsessed with. Also, the hose runs through a wire mesh on the straps, keeping it from dangling in a fun way. The best feature though is that the water bladder doesn’t leak when jumping.

These packs run in the $70 range, making them one of the more expensive ones I’ve seen for full price. Amazon, however, usually has them on sale for around $40 making them more affordable and accessible for all ravers. Most of the older designs are sold out like the one I have but they are always releasing new designs to stay with the trends. This pack truly comes rave ready right out the gate. Click here to get your SoJourner hydration pack on Amazon. 

Miracol hydration backpack

Miracol Hydration Pack

The last one is a full backpack type provided by Miracol. Before I even get into the pros and cons, just understand this one’s my favorite. It legitimately feels like a hug when you clip it on. My touched starved self had to take a moment while my brain short-circuited. I was unprepared for a $35 purchase to make me feel this way but definitely satisfied.

In the cons sections, this hydration pack also comes with the same water bladder as Reinos, meaning the same leaking feature when the party really gets started and you jump around. You could probably hear the sigh I made from wherever you’re reading this from when I found out this fact. The second con is that it doesn’t come in the same flashy colors or wraps as the other options.

In the pros column, this pack has superior space compared to the other two I mentioned above. It also comes with waist pouches to keep the important items, like your wallet, easily accessible. It’s got an insulated compartment like the Reinos. The folks over at Miracol were even considerate enough to leave detailed cleaning instructions. Click here to get your Miracol hydration pack on Amazon. 

Rave Safe Watter Bladder Arvano

If you’re going for full functionality, you’ll want to buy a rave-safe water bladder to throw in your backpack. The best leak-proof one I’ve found is the Arvano which holds two liters of fluids. I really appreciate the fact that it is BPA-free and I can put it into any of my favorite backpacks. For only about $15, you can have a leak-proof bladder and not have to worry about getting water everywhere when you are dancing. Click here to get your Arvano water bladder on Amazon.

Which hydration pack is best?

While they were all fun to use, the best hydration pack for ravers is SoJouner. It comes preloaded with a water bladder made for high-intensity movement. You won’t need to make additional purchases to make it work. Also, the designs work to add a little more emphasis to your festival fashion.

Can you put alcohol in your hydration pack?

So for the sake of journalistic integrity and science, I decided to fill one of the lesser bladders with vodka! I’m happy to report there was no alcohol smell coming from the bag and it looked normal. No one would ever be able to tell I was partying with Ketel One.

After finishing it and cleaning it out, I refilled it with water. The water tasted just fine with no hints of the foolishness that just occurred. Of course, the results will most likely be different if you use flavored vodka. Do with this information what you will. Drink responsibly.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our hydration pack series. To read the first article on why you should invest in a hydration backpack, click here. Stay hydrated and rave on like the sexy human you are!

Which hydration pack do you use? Do you fill yours with something other than water? Swipe up and incriminate yourself in the comment section below!

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