AKADIAN – “Ranhura” (Track Review)

AKADIAN - Ranhura

AKADIAN – “Ranhura” (Track Review)
By: Bradley Dickinson

Nathan Hadley is a DJ and music producer from the UK. He gained his fan base and following from playing at the Gatecrasher Birmingham. His roller coaster-like sets have the ability to get your body moving at 100 miles a minute and then smoothly bring you into an incredibly emotional slow groove only to bring you right back up to dancing your heart out. His sets bring you through the entire spectrum of feeling and experiences like that can create strong emotional connections with the music that Hadley plays. With the creation of his alias, AKADIAN, and his masterful flow, the UK DJ has landed gigs in some of the biggest clubs in the world in Miami, Ibiza, LA, and San Francisco.

AKADIAN’s new track “Ranhura” is everything you’d expect from someone gunning to be on the world stage. The introduction to the song is about a minute and a half where the hard-hitting kicks and muted synths are something akin to what you’d hear in a Tiesto or Afrojack track. This is all the more proof that AKADIAN has the mindset to be one of the world’s best at what he does. The buildup after the intro brings us into the song’s main melody. The keyboard of the melody makes it so you can’t help but groove along to the rhythm and highly anticipate the rest of the song, which does not disappoint in any way. The next drop after the main melody piece brings super heavy bass and an intense dance beat that keeps your feet shuffling around the dance floor. The end of the song simmers down to a hypnotic bass line that leaves you wanting more from the UK producer.

AKADIAN’s “Ranhura” is definitely something to take a good listen to if you haven’t already. This is just a little sample of the big things to come from this DJ. For all the hipsters who want the right to say, “Oh yeah I’ve been listening to him since before he got big,” now’s your chance to board the pre-fame train. If you don’t do it now, you’ll miss the window of opportunity because the world will soon know the name AKADIAN and it will be in line with the other biggest names in not only the electronic music world, but the world in its entirety.


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