The Ultimate Rave Room – How to Transform Your Bedroom [Rave Guide]

Rave Room Decor and bedroom ideas

The Sunset Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry

The Ultimate Rave Room – How to Transform Your Bedroom [Rave Guide]

Do you want to know how to turn your ordinary bedroom into the ultimate rave room zone? I’ve got you covered. You live for the rave lifestyle and the atmosphere that comes along with festivals. The only thing that’s missing is closest to you, your rave room. How cool would it be if you could take the festival atmosphere and put it in your own room?

Creating a ravetastic room is not only exciting but can be the life of the party when having your friends over to kickback. So, why not create the ultimate rave zone in your bedroom? By following these tips, you’ll be able to create the ultimate rave room suitable for any party. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Wall Decor Essentials For Your Rave Room

First and foremost, having the proper wall decor is essential. This is where your creativity really comes into play because it sets the atmosphere and mood instantly when you walk into your space.

Blacklight Tape

I am slightly obsessed with this blacklight tape. It’s extremely versatile as you can use it on a variety of floor surfaces like wood, carpet, tile and vinyl without leaving a sticky residue. I would advise against using it on your walls as it could pull up the paint if you press the tape on too hard. Blacklight tape is similar to duck tape as it has those lines running through it to make it durable. It stays in place no problem with people dancing all over it so it’s made to last.


It’s a cost-effective way to transform your room with minimal effort and an easy, quick change or clean up if you don’t like your masterpiece design or need to make adjustments.

The creativity is endless as you can create patterns with the tape or spell out words and phrases. The true beauty of this tape is you can make spaces feel 3D with the designs your imagination comes up with. Click here to get it on Amazon.

Blacklight Tape


Why have a boring entrance into your space when you can make it fun and exciting? Glitter string/fringe curtains are just the cure to instantly turn your frown upside down. I love having these in my doorway. Walking through these instantly uplifts my spirits. These are great because they don’t get tangled and they are easy to install. The best way to secure these up is with a simple curtain rod or shower rod if you are in a pinch. Click here to get your glitter string/fringe curtains on Amazon. 

Rave Room Decor Glitter string/fringe curtains


Now’s the time to change up your standard white walls with something bright. Paint your room by picking your favorite colors. One of my favorites is gold as it will work well during the day and night. Click here to get my pick of metallic paint on Amazon a more natural, long-lasting look.

Rave Room Blacklight UV Wall Paint

If you want to go all out and really transform your space into a rave, make sure to pick bright and vivid colors for extra appeal. Try your hand at the neon glow and fluorescent wall paints which are for blacklights / UV lights. Click here to get my top pick for neon paint on Amazon.


If you don’t feel like painting, then feel free to lineup the wall with blacklight posters like these: Mushroom Ripple, Have a Nice Trip, Take Me To Your Dealer, Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter, and Lost Horizon Landscape.

Neon Decor Alien - Take Me To Your DealerNeon Decor Mushroom Ripple Poster

Temporary Stickers

You can also grab some fun glow in the dark wall constellation stickers and other glow accessories to bring you under your own electric sky. These are best put in your ceiling so you can look up at the stars while you are laying down and recharging after a long dance session.


Another option for your walls is to hang col trippy tapestries which can quickly be hung and switched out as your vibe changes throughout the month. Click here to get the Sunset Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry on Amazon.

Lighting Essentials For Your Rave Room

When you go to a festival or club, one of the biggest factors which stands out and sets the vibe is the lighting. You expect it and crave it in the darkness of the dance floor. If you are a seasoned raver, you’ll know exactly what that magical experience is and what it feels like. Trying to recreate that is easier than you might think. Let’s discuss some of the many types of commonly seen EDM lights for your room which you can pick up today.

Black Lights

Next comes lighting. No rave ready room is complete without a set of black lights. Black lights range from bulbs to full 72” beams. You can either put a bulb in one of your lamps or buy an actual beam, which you can then hang on the wall. You can also adjust your lighting by buying laser and strobe lights. If you want something that will take up less room, you can go with something simpler like a black light strip which is similar to the LED strip light. Click here to get your black light strip on Amazon.

Rave Black Light Strip

Guitar Center has a lot of really cool DJ and stage lighting, which vary in cost and have more effects but are more expensive than your average strobe or laser light. If you really want to go all out, you can add disco lights, plasma lights, LED strip lights, and novelty string lights, which are all linked and found on Amazon.

LED Strip Lights

The LED strip lights have become increasingly popular in recent years as they really do change the vibe of every rave room. What makes them so awesome is that you can instantly change the color by using the app on your phone making it completely customizable and portable. Click here to get LED Strip lights from Govee on Amazon.

The biggest mistake I see people making is not using a track to put on top of their lights. This helps to diffuse the light so you don’t see each harsh blub. Overall, it makes for a much better experience especially if your lights will be in view and aren’t hidden by your bed or desk. Click here to get tracks on Amazon.

Rave LED Strip Lights

Laser Lights

Your room wouldn’t be the same without this essential: laser lights. These babies are sound activated which means the bright laser lights will react to the music you are playing. With four beams all in one, you only need to get one of these machines to create the perfect vibe you are going for.

What’s cool about this one specifically is that he will shut off automatically after eight seconds of the music stops so you won’t have it going crazy when music isn’t even turned on, allowing you to control it with your tunes. The patterns it makes ranges so you’ll get a great light show as well. Click here to get laser lights on Amazon.

Laser Lights For Rave

Accessories For Your Rave Room

Now is the time to think about some of the additional accessories you can add in to take your rave bedroom to the next level. Details matter and in this case, accessories are where it’s at. These items aren’t necessary to have a great experience, however, they will take your rave decor up a bunch of notches and give you that wow factor.

Fog Machine

It’s a blast dancing in a sea of fog as it moves with your body across your room. These machines are addicting let me tell you. To start, I recommend closing your bedroom door to keep the fog contained. Be careful. Don’t get too trigger happy pushing the fog button.

You want to make sure you can still breathe and not completely fog up your room. If you don’t have any airflow and the room is small, the fog will actually stay around for much longer than you might think compared to when you are at a club. Click here to get this fog machine kit from Walmart which comes with everything you need including the machine, blacklight, and fog juice so you can get it all in one shot.

Fog Machine Kit

If you want to go for something fancier and don’t want to buy separate lights, you can grab a fog machine that also comes with lights built-in. It’s a great alternative if your room is on the smaller side. This fog machine from Amazon is great because it’s also got a wireless remote control for when you want to make the fog flow.

Fog Machine With Lights

Fog Juice

Don’t forget to also stock up on your fog juice! Some of the low quality and cheap ones smell horrible. You don’t want to be breathing them in. Trust me, you get what you pay for. I recommend using the one from Chauvet as it’s odor is less harsh than the other off-market ones I’ve used before. You can grab my favorite Chauvet gallon sized one here on Amazon.

An Epic Sound System For Your Rave Room

What’s a rave room without good speakers? I’d say it’s pretty worthless to go all out on your rave room but forget the most important essential of all – your sound system! The wall decor, lighting, and accessories will come to life with the right sound pulsating through your ears and body. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available today.

JBL True Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Let’s be honest. Most ravers aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars to purchase Pioneer CDJs and DJ their own set when it’s so much easier to watch your favorite DJ spin their live streaming set through Twitch. For that type of set up, you are going to want a great system that hooks up to your TV. I recommend getting yourself the JBL True Wireless Surround Sound Speakers from Amazon if you are going for this type of experience.

JBL True Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

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