Yves V Talks Tomorrowland, V-Sessions, DJing Live & More

Yves V

Photo Feature & Interview

Yves V Taks Tomorrowland, V-Sessions, DJing Live & More
By: Spencer Flohr

In the beginning when you were just starting out as a producer, who were your first and biggest influences?

I think it was mostly the Belgian trance scene with producers like Push, Airwave, etc.


Who were some of the first DJs you saw live?

Techno DJ’s like Jeff Mills, Claude Young, Dave Clarke etc.

How old were you when you completed your first production?

24 years old.

Does your style today still reflect the style you had when you were younger? In what ways has it changed and/or stayed the same?

Of course my style has evolved over the past few years, but I think you can still notice the some hints of similarities from when I started out. I think as a producer you must follow the latest hypes, but still stay true to your own style.

What were some of the biggest factors that made you want to become a music producer/DJ?

Music has always been my passion. When I had the chance to turn my hobby into my job I didn’t hesitate for a moment. People enjoy music all over the world is all I could have ever hoped for.

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