Yheti Shines On His New Project The Party Has Changed [Album Review]

Yheti The Party Has Changed Review EDM World Magazine

Yheti Shines On His New Project The Party Has Changed

The wonderfully wonky and weird Yheti has returned to the forefront of the underground bass scene with his latest project, The Party Has Changed. Hailing from Ohio, Yheti is known for his powerful live performances and “high energy bass, deep rhythms, and soul-driven melodies” in his music. On The Party Has Changed, the prolific producer hits listeners with a more mature, honed-in sound that signifies his growth as an artist.

3 Hits

Yheti kicks things off with “3 Hits”. This is a perfect opener that eases listeners into the rest of the album. With driving, building percussion put behind an ambient soundscape that swells into a frantic beat, “3 Hits” is a soothing journey through space and time.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

“A Little Bit Goes A Long Way” is prime Yheti. Starting off with some relaxing bird sounds, this song eventually builds into a crazy, flute-filled, wobbly anthem.

Signals From Above

With commanding drums and some scratch-y sound design, Yheti delivers with this track that sounds like it came straight from another galaxy.


Weird Trumpet

If aliens were able to make hip-hop beats, I’m sure it would sound a lot like “Weird Trumpet”. This is a bounce-y, swagger-inducing tune that had me grooving from start to finish.

Inside A Simulation

“Inside A Simulation” switches things up a bit from the previous track, beginning with strong synths. However, Yheti keeps us on our toes once again and hits listeners with some hardcore bass. This track is a ton of fun to listen to.


Yheti graces us with another alien hip-hop type of tune through “Yo”. For me, Yheti’s vocal samples and mixing are always a highlight of his work. On “Yo”, the distorted and dynamic vocal samples will scramble your brain and complement the beat quite well.

All Over Body Hug

This track gives me a creepy, crawly, yet bubbly vibe at first. All of a sudden, Yheti flips the switch once again with some bass in your face about 40 seconds in. I have seen Yheti refer to his sounds as “biological” or derivative from nature in the past – that notion is on full display in this tune.

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Text from a Star

“Text from a Star” is an ever-changing banger. Beginning with some 80s synths (once again), Yheti then switches into some light drum & bass before going into fully wonky mode. The mixing on this track is simply incredible and makes this tune a new favorite of mine from the Ohio bass artist.

I Lost You

Flute + Drum & Bass = a mind-bending bass ballad that will have listeners deep in thought. Yheti’s maturity as a producer is evident here.


“Life” is a tune that brings together a lighthearted melody with braggadocios percussion. While I could see a rap act like Migos or Future jumping on this beat, this song is also Cashmere Cat/SOPHIE-esque at times and showcases a side of Yheti that I never realized existed.

Pushing Towards the Light

Yheti closes out The Party Has Changed with the waning “Pushing Towards the Light”. This bass ballad is as wonky as it is somber, and is a perfect choice to close out a very strong album – perhaps Yheti’s best yet.

Check out the full album below.


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