Wanna Stay Tonight? Ray Volpe Remixes “Stay Tonight” by Gammer

Ray Volpe

If you haven’t heard of Ray Volpe or even heard his music as of lately, what are you doing? He is signed with SLYVLL management; the management who’s behind Borgore, Getter, and Pouya. At only 20 years old, Ray Volpe is supported by names such as Marshmello, Diplo, Kill the Noise and Excision, which featured Full Control on his annual Shambala remix.  With his well know EP tracks “BiPolar” and “Reality,” he integrates, alt-rock, trap, and dubstep all into one. But one thing’s for sure, check out Ray Volpe’s remix of Stay Tonight.

Ray Volpe Remixes “Stay Tonight” by Gammer

I’ve been following Ray Volpe for a year now. He has a talent for producing and has it down to a tee.  He’s one of those producers who makes sure that his sounds aren’t half-assed or under produced. He gives thought to his work and actually cares. With his remix of “Stay Tonight,” he restates below about the track in his Soundcloud bio. At first listen, it’s vocally strong, which is obvious. Second, the interludes finally comes and he’s doing what he does best, and you know the rest. This is what he said about the remix:

“A while back, Gammer sent over his new EP and once I got to “Stay Tonight”, I instantly fell in love with the vocals and his heavy dance drop. I wanted to give it my usual Volpetron spin and you know how that goes… when a man and a woman love each other very much, 9 months later… all that jazz.”

Of course, I don’t want to give a whole lot away. The remix in itself is solid and to check out more of his new releases, tour dates, and Ray Volpe being Ray Volpe, you can find out more by visiting his website here.


What do you think about “Stay Tonight?” Swipe up and leave me a comment below!

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