New or old to electronic dance music, I constantly get people asking me questions like…

“Denice, I’m just getting into EDM. Which artists should I check out?”
“Where can I find new electronic dance music?”
“Do you have any free music I can listen to while i’m driving to work?”
“Who are some of your favorite new music producers? Where can I check them out?”

Since I LOVE sharing music with others and it seems like hardly ever anyone see’s my facebook music posts, I  decided to created a weekly email of FREE music downloads… PLUS some extra free giveaway bonuses you’ll find randomly sprinkled in.


If you’d like to become a VIP member and join the list, simply click the image below, enter your name and best email, and you’ll be signed up instantly to get an email from me every Friday at 5pm ET with some new tunes just in time for the weekend.

Also before I forget, please invite your friends to join when it loads to the “Invite Your Friends” page or just share this page link! 🙂