Has Your Tour Bus Ever Left Without You? Feed Me Share’s His Story

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Feed Me Issue 8

Feed Me On Where He Finds Inspiration For His Music, What Happened When His Tour Bus Left Him & More

By: Craig Caliendo

How excited are you to be playing in Boulder, Colorado today?

Over the fucking moon, absolutely incredibly excited. I do actually love Boulder ever time I play here; I had a weird experience though last time. When I got to Boulder I had the flu. While I was here, it turned into meningitis and I collapsed after the show. The next day I had to play in Denver, but I had to get a spinal tap and was put on drips. So, I checked myself out of the hospital after the spinal tap and played the show. Afterwards, I had to go back to the hospital and was there for 3 days.


Where do you find inspiration?

Good question. I try to gain as many influence from external sources rather than from just within the scene. I don’t listen to a huge amount of dance music. I make sure I have a varied palette. I would be more likely to be inspired from going to see a comedian than another electronic artist. I love video work and I am always inspired by films so directing is something I would like to do in the future.

What does your creative process look like for production?

It looks like lots of pots of coffee and a lot of stuff on the floor. Lately I have been doing really long sessions in the studio and I find it a lot easier to focus without distraction. I really like to be able to shut everything off and work. I am not a huge fan of collaborating because I am a control freak. I don’t play well with others, except for a couple friends. For me it is quite simpler to work along.

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