Top Cannabis Accessory Must Have’s for Ravers at a Music Festival

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Want to know what the top cannabis accessory must have’s for a raver at a music festival are? I’ve got you covered. This guide covers my top picks to make sure you are prepared and equipped with everything you need for your next festival experience. You’ll be the go-to person in your rave family!

Slim Twist Vape Battery

This vape battery is an all-time, best-selling product and I’m not surprised one bit. It features an adjustable temp battery that is compatible with all 510 thread oil cartridges which makes all the difference. Since it’s so small and is super discreet, it’s easy to bring along to your favorite music festival. Design-wise, it’s available in 15 different colors and my personal favorite is the one in rainbow. Click here to get the rainbow slim twist vape battery.


What else goes together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly? A lanyard and your slim twist vape battery of course! This cannabis accessory includes a silicone loop to attach your vape pen so you can keep it on your body at all times and not have to go searching through your bag whenever you want to take a hit.

I’m personally a huge fan of lanyards because it’s one less thing I have to carry in my hand while having a good time. You’ll never worry or panic thinking you lost it by accident ever again. It also has a retractable cord so you can easily share (post COVID-19) with friends without needing to remove your lanyard. Click here to get my favorite lanyard style.

Smell Proof Backpack

Having a sturdy backpack for all of your essentials at a festival is a must. Something I look for is one that not only keeps thieves out but also keep any smells at bay. This smell proof backpack features a full carbon lining to keep your secrets safe inside with a 3-digit lock. The backpack straps can also be clipped across your chest so no one can take it off your body.


If you don’t want to wear your vape pen with a lanyard, this bag has smaller zipped front pockets so you don’t have to go on a digging mission to find it. This cannabis accessory also has a convenient water bottle holder and sleeve for you to slide your bag onto your carry-on suitcase at the airport. Click here to get my top pick smell proof backpack.

Slugger Dabbin’ Dugout

If you are big into camping music festivals, this unbreakable travel kit for dabs was made just for you! This is the first concentrate dugout of its kind. It includes a silicone nectar collector straw with a titanium and glass nail is stored inside the block body.

Pop the top flap open to reveal a glass dish to dab out of along with four storage compartments on the side to store different strains of wax. Simply pack your mini torch lighter and enjoy your concentrates all day long. Click here to get the sleek slugger dabbin dugout.

Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer

This mod-style vaporizer won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Vaporizer! It has a trigger-style button that’s super comfortable to use and has an adjustable temperature so you have the best control possible.

Connect the magnetic adapter to either your oil cart or included wax atomizer and drop it right in the chamber. This has a SUPER long battery life that will survive your entire day inside your next festival. Click here to get the duplex dual extract vaporizer.

Bowser Pipe

Pipe’s have come such a long way to prevent them from easily breaking. The silicone-glass bowl has a middle glass chamber that can be removed and the pipe connects two silicone pieces to make a totally unbreakable travel pipe. This makes it easy for you to toss it right into your bag without having the fear of breaking it by accident.

You can also stash a nug or two in the glass chamber until you’re ready to smoke. This pipe is available in six different colors so you can pick your favorite. Click here to get your pipe.

EZ Pipe

Sharing with friends on the go at a festival has never been easier with this travel pipe and lighter sleeve combo. You simply slide your lighter in the side, pack the bowl, and extend the straw. Light the lighter and inhale!

There’s a tiny hole in the side of the bowl that draws the flame right into the bowl making it smokeless and discreet (except for what you inhale). This is my favorite cannabis accessory for large rave families. Click here to get a travel size ez pipe.

Vault Battery

This 510 thread battery is compatible with oil carts and includes an atomizer to pack with wax. The battery features a hidden storage compartment so you can keep a backup cartridge on you at all times or you can switch between carts and dabs!

Another option is to keep a sativa cart with you for daytime and switch to an indica cart when the last set is finishing up and you’re getting ready to head back to camp. Click here to get the vault battery.

Bonus Must-Have Accessories For Virtual Music Festivals During COVID-19

Face Mask

Yes, most festivals are virtual right now. Still, it’s important for you to wear a mask when you are around friends and family dancing at home. The rave community has been rocking stylish face masks WAY before COVID was a thing so it’s always been a staple must-have accessory.

Show some personality and match your mask to your favorite outfit with a face mask that’s also functional with a removable air filter. They have adjustable elastic ear hooks for comfort with a tight seal to fit any face shape. Click here to get your face mask.

Radioactive Wear

Always needing a new outfit to wear, the perfect festival outfits for you to wear are comfy sports bras and biker shorts. Some people choose to get decked out with bright, bold, neon green, and black designs that are perfect for dancing all day and night long. Click here to shop for the best radioactive wear.

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