Tips On How EDX Finishes Songs Fast

On The Edge With EDX
By: Craig Caliendo
Photo’s by Spencer Flohr

How do you manage to produce while touring?

Well I have been traveling a lot and most of the time when I am traveling I am in Surig or in Europe for my label activities. Its very easy while on tour to get a lot of inspiration. It can be just a day with a friend, or friends, in a park and you hear different sounds or a song on the radio and you feel like, “ahhh this is a very cool track” or something like that where you can collect a lot of inspiration all over the world from different situations and then you get back home. I have a very quick process in the studio where I aspire to spend like two or three hours on a track that is already set or 85% is done, meaning only arrangement and mix down. This process is not needed anymore and I have a team that knows exactly how it should sound. They specialize in sound mixing but the musical process should take two to three hours and then it’s done. And lately I will work on something for that amount of time and put it aside then bring it back up a couple weeks later and finish it, but the process itself is very quick because the whole inspiration thing can happen on tour in the hotel room. I start up Logic put the beat, start with a lead melody, work out a core progression and into a breakdown and it’s something that happens really naturally and quick.

Where do you find the inspiration for the lyrics in you songs?


It’s different. On the lyrics it’s very easy. You meet people and then something happens and the emotional side of yourself is put into lyrics. Most of the lyrics in my songs are written by songwriters and singers. You just sit down with someone and you tell them “this is the direction I want to go with the song” and then sometimes they are like, “oh I know exactly what to say”.

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