There Ain’t No Party Without Glowinthedark



There Ain’t No Party Without Glowinthedark
By: Andrew Lazar

Albert Harvey and Kevin Ramos grew up in the Netherlands, where their mutual friendship and bond over music transcribed into the musical duo they are today. With a crossover sound between pop and EDM, inspired by Daft Punk, N*E*R*D and Coldplay, the duo created Glowinthedark, an identity which suits their creativity both musically and performance wise. Lighting up the crowd with their electrifying performances and visualizing themselves as the light and energy on stage, Glowinthedark has proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Can you tell our readers a little about you both and where you grew up?

Albert: Actually, we grew up in the same city. We started to get to know each other by playing soccer and skateboarding on the little fields outside.


Kevin: Yes, that’s true. We grew up in the third biggest city of the Netherlands called The Hague within the same circle of friends.

Did growing up in the Netherlands have any kind of direct impact on the two of you becoming DJs/producers?

Albert: Yes, it did a lot. From the vibes of the city environment to the music that friends played, those were all sources of inspiration for a lot of the things we’re doing now.

Kevin: Yes, we had a lot of different cultures in our city and also within our group of friends, so we had a very wide range of musical influences.

When you’re in the studio, what is your creative process? Do you go in with a specific philosophy or creative vision for the tracks you make?

Albert: It depends on what we’re working on. When it’s an assignment for a third party, the sessions are really structured and intense. But, when it’s about ourselves, it’s a lot of feelings, creative stupidness with amazing moments and just having fun making a new piece of audio!

Kevin: Yes, I totally agree with Albert. Sometimes we come back from being on tour and have been so inspired by the trip that we go into the lab and express our emotions in a new song.

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