The Memory of My Brother Will Live On Through EDM

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The Memory of My Brother Will Live On Through EDM

By Transcender: Dakota Cole

My name is Dakota Cole and I am a student at SUNY Potsdam in upstate New York. EDM helped me get through the worst time in my life when I lost my little brother, Bryce, at the age of seven to brain and spine cancer. He passed away in July of 2014 and I had to start college the following month. At first I didn’t know if I should leave for school, but then I remembered all the fun times Bryce and I had. We would listen to artists like Hardwell, Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli, Jayden Parx, and much, much more. It really did make a difference in my life listening to EDM because when I listened to it, it brought back so many great memories. We would be jammin’ out in the car on our way to school in the morning and we would roll up in the parking lot with the windows down and the bass all the way up. He thought it was the coolest thing because his older brother could drive. He would always have a smile on his face making my day complete. Now that he’s not here, I still listen to the same music while walking around campus with a smile on my face because I remember him smiling and laughing when one of the songs we listened too came on. In particular, his favorite song was “Turbulence” by Steve Aoki. He would always yell, “We hit turbulence” and then the bass would bump in the car. Special memories, like this one, are because of EDM.

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