Tchami: My Confession [Event Review]


Tchami: My Confession
Review & Images By Kateryna Gontaruk

Martin Bresso, better known as Tchami, is an emerging Parisian DJ already known as the master of future house. He is taking over the underground EDM scene and I got to see it first hand.

I had been looking forward to this event for months. His set landed on February 14th, making it the best Valentine’s Day ever. The day of the event felt like Christmas and I was about to get the gift I always wanted. Judging by his past performances I had been to at Grand Central, LIV, and TomorrowWorld, I knew that this time would be completely different than the rest. Tchami brings a new experience each time, always playing new music, and mixing in his classic sound in such a way that leaves a big grin on my face.

I arrived to Story, a Miami Beach club, where Tchami was set to play, and there was an anxious feeling in my stomach. The kind of excitement you feel when something you’ve been anticipating for so long is finally about to happen. I was feeling it from the second I walked in. Malaa was already on the stage warming up the crowd. Who is Malaa? No one knows. We know he joined Tchami’s record label Confession, and has been touring with Tchami, DJ Snake, and Mercer on the Pardon My French Tour. Although his credentials can’t be verified, he was serving it up like a complete pro. Dropping some of his recent future house tracks like “Notorious,” he set the mood for a memorable night.



The atmosphere instantly became charged with electricity and excitement as Tchami appeared, starting with his signature sound that let the crowd know that church was in session. The energy in the crowd was unbelievable. As I looked around, people were cheering and holding up the prayer hands, ready to have an experience of a lifetime. Starting off with one of my favorite tracks “You Know You Like It,” he took us deep into the future.

Song after song, I embraced every moment of the bass-heavy, sexy music that was making my blood pump and every pore be filled with surreal happiness that only Tchami could bring. Music that makes you happy to be alive, moments that you will never forget. Two and a half hours of dancing to delicious beats and complete bliss. Between every song, people whistled and called out his name; I felt like I was surrounded by true fans.


He was so in sync with the crowd, and it showed when he threw on classics like “After Life,” “Untrue,” and “Missing You” and people lost their shit. He was dancing along with the crowd and really feeling the music; you could see it on his face with every drop.

Later, Malaa and surprise guests Mercer and DJ Snake joined Tchami onstage and started playing B2B. They were throwing down tracks in a way that made their collaboration seamless. Listening to Tchami work his magic, his talent was undeniable and confidence was high, mastering house music in the most humble way possible.
It’s really amazing to see how Tchami has become a favorite DJ of many in such a short amount of time. The “God of Future House” is taking over the Electronic Dance Music scene and killing the game when it comes to futuristic music that will both blow your mind and soothe your soul.

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