Steve Aoki To Release Another BTS Track Remix

Steve Aoki has announced that he will be doing a remix of the track “The Truth Untold” that he released in collaboration with international boyband BTS.

Aoki said on Twitter that he was “so proud of the success” of the original song that he decided to make a version to play on his live sets.

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Previously, Aoki and BTS have had a great history mixing EDM with k pop in the past, seeing success in the form of their RIAA Gold Certified remix collab track  “Mic Drop,” which was also the first time they worked together.

Since then, Aoki has said in an interview with Billboard that more collaborations with the international boyband were definitely underway and it came in the form of an official track on the new BTS album.


This new track “The Truth Untold” is from the boybands album “Love Yourself: Tear” and plays out like a heartfelt, emotional but very powerful ballad track that fans wouldn’t associate with Aoki’s more upbeat, wild musical style.

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The drop does hit heavy in this track even though the tone may be a lot darker than what Aoki fans are used to with the lyrics centering around lost love, moving on and past regrets one may have in a relationship.

The DJ claims the remix is currently in the works, but it will be coming very soon and seeing the remixed set version such a song will definitely keep the dedicated fans of both artists on their toes.

Listen to The Truth Untold here on Spotify:

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