Steve Aoki Speaks About Gender Inequality

Steve Aoki

One question I always asked myself is why is the music industry male dominant and impartial to women? With so much talent amongst women, gender inequality lives in the music industry. It’s an ugly truth that hasn’t been addressed and when it does, it’s brushed under the rug. With lineups with about 90% of male DJ’s, Steve Aoki speaks his mind on the matter.

Steve Aoki on Gender Inequality in Dance Music

We can all agree this is a conversation that needs to be talked about in the dance industry. Steve Aoki sat down with Channel 4 and had a lot to say. From running his own label, Dim Mak, to his own clothing label, and creating music and an experience for his audience, Steve Aoki see’s the void in the industry and it needs to change.

He sat with Channel Four and expressed the following statement:

“I think one thing that male DJ’s have to do is also step aside to make room for women DJ’s and women producers on festivals.” He also explained how these women deserve to showcase their talents “on shows and [the industry should] be an ally and supporter and invite them to play with them.”


Despite Dim Mak being male-dominated, Aoki fostered female artists such as Iggy Azalea and Lil Boots.

With females speaking out against the matter, it is something the industry undoubtedly needs to change. There are so many underrated female producers and incorporating more diversity in festival lineups will open doors for producers we don’t yet know, but could soon learn to love.

Steve Aoki

In the video below, #MeToo, Aoki also touches on racism and his saving grace… music. To learn more about Steve Aoki and his new tour, click here.

What are your thoughts on gender inequality in the music industry and how does it make you feel? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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