Steve Aoki Set To Release ‘MIC Drop’ Remix With K-Pop Group BTS

Photo Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

Steve Aoki has collaborated with k-pop group BTS to produce a remix for their trap heavy track ‘MIC Drop’ including a few bars from rapper Desiigner set to release on November 24.

Aoki confirmed way back in September about his musical project with the seven-member group, and though he didn’t give away too much at the time, a teaser trailer for the song was released on November 17 by BTS’s company.

The teaser video starts with Aoki confidently stalking towards his DJ set with the camera trailing behind in a bright, empty industrial lit room filled with the sound of his steps.

The start of the remix plays faintly in the back, gradually building as Aoki finally dons his headphones only to look up sharply at the camera as the track explodes to reveal an entrancing and heady trap-hop beat.


Aoki isn’t the first DJ to collaborate with the group as The Chainsmokers have worked together with BTS previously to create the bouncy EDM dance track ‘Best Of Me’.

The song made it onto the k-pop groups EP ‘Love Yourself:  承 Her’ which surpassed over 1 million stock pre-orders before it dropped on September 18.

Will EDM and K-pop fans alike be able to love this anticipated K-Trap-Hop fusion? Swipe up to watch the teaser trailer and give me your thoughts in the comments below!

Listen to the original song below.

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