Steve Aoki Releases “The Truth Untold Remix” At Tomorrowland

Since last year, Steve Aoki has become a regular collaborator with Korean boy group BTS and has since created a new remixed track called “The Truth Untold.”

Aoki worked to produce the Mic Drop remix with them which went certified gold in the U.S.

Photo Courtesy of BTS & Steve Aoki

The song is a slower ballad and an original song they made together that Aoki had made a surprise remix for and debuted at this years Tomorrowland festival as the “EDM version.”

The song was originally sung by the four vocalists of BTS and made to be a heartfelt, piano-based ballad about lost opportunities.


Photo Courtesy Of Steve Aoki

Aoki decided to switch it up a bit to fit the Tomorrowland crowd, adding intense bears, loads of reverb and synths to create a feel-good party track perfect for the summer festival vibe.

“This one goes out to all the BTS ARMY all around the world,” he shouted into the crowd, addressing the BTS fandom name in between the set for an awesome shoutout.

Although there is no official version of the remix out yet, Aoki released a short clip of him playing it for the Tomorrowland crowd.

Fans of BTS quickly went to twitter when the news was released, trending the hashtag #TheTruthUntoldRemix worldwide so that BTS and Aoki could be sure to know they appreciated the new twist Aoki added to the already powerful song.

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