Steve Aoki Confirms New Collab Tracks With K-Pop Group BTS

Steve Aoki confirms the release of new collaboration tracks with global k-pop group BTS set to drop in 2018.

Aoki’s first remix track collaboration with the group’s original track, “MIC Drop,” was released late last year. It successfully garnered a lot of major attention from global fans and the American general public alike.

Their Spotify release of the song, featuring Desiigner, is the most talked-about K-pop American crossover. It has reportedly gathered over 140 million streams and counting. The remixed track’s music video is catching up with around 138 million views.


Aoki’s remix of “MIC Drop” turned the group’s track from a dirty, base-heavy, 90’s beat to this dark heavy-hitter that resembles a modern trap-like EDM sound.

Courtesy of Steve Aoki & BTS

Complimented by the catchy, swag-dripping, braggadocios English chorus and verses, “MIC Drop” did very well in captivating America’s current hip-hop/trap and EDM audiences. This unique sound has also managed to hold the international public’s attention just as well.


“Now we’ve got some new music coming out for 2018, so that’s exciting, as well. We got this remix to put out there, but now we have some original music too,” Steve Aoki said in an interview with Trending Live.

Courtesy of Steve Aoki/Snapchat

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