Shoot Down The Sun With Hook N Sling

Hook N Sling

Not even a few weeks into the festival season and Hook N Sling comes out with a new single, “Shoot Down The Sun,” and we are happy with what we hear.

Shooting Down The Sun by Hook N Sling Review

I’m a sucker for chill music and killer female vocals. It’s the perfect mix. What I love about Hook N Sling’s “Shoot Down The Sun” is how the instrumental and vocals compliment each other. That’s what draws me to it. Another thing I really loved was the lyrics.

As the song goes on, you begin to hear her story and what is hurting her about this relationship. It details friends with benefits as you would say. She begins to vocalize more about the relationship, which is purely physical. And, how their relationship has nothing to do with emotions and his inability to be open with her. She begins to talk about how she deserves more than his foolish games. So, shooting down the sun means that ultimately no one wins.

What I love most about this song is the unity of sound, lyrics, and vocals. And of course, I have had this song in my head for weeks. If you’re looking for summertime fine song, this is one I suggest highly!


More About Hook N Sling

Hook N Sling

From Sydney, Australia, Hook N Sling is one of the most energetic house DJ’s you could listen to. My favorites are “Arms Around Me,” “If You’re Hearing This,” and “Love On Me” featuring our favorite duo Galantis!  Hook N Sling has so many awesome tracks under his belt. His music is vibrant, fun and a perfect way to come into festival season. He is currently on tour and you can’t miss him! To learn more about Hook N Sling, click here.

What songs are you looking forward to hearing this festival season? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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