Bass Duo sfam Delivers With Shadows EP via Wakaan [Review]

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Shadows – EP by sfam via Wakaan

New Orleans bass duo sfam have released a new EP via Wakaan entitled Shadows, which you can listen to by clicking here. This continues a breakout 2019 for the group, who released bass tunes such as “on the block” with bawldy, “confused,” and “splatter” with CAMBOT. They are also scheduled to play shows with the likes of Dirt Monkey and Buku + Esseks before the end of 2019.

In regards to the release of the Shadows EP, the duo said, “We’ve been making experimental beats for about 5 years now and have noticed how much this style has blown up over the last couple years. With that being said, we really wanted to reach even further to make an EP that doesn’t sound like anything anyone else is putting out. That’s always the goal with every tune we make, but it was even stronger for the EP.”

Keep reading for a track-by-track review of sfam’s new project.


The Shadows EP begins with the title track. The group lives up to its reputation for dark, distinct bangers with the first song off of this project. This brooding opener features commanding drum patterns mixed with some crazy basslines.


don’t test me feat. quaviusblack – with Mersiv

On “don’t test me,” Mersiv and sfam join forces with rapper quaviusblack to deliver a slick, dynamic bass anthem.

uponmuh – with TVBOO

TVBOO and sfam link up again on “uponmuh.” With previous collaborations such as “Blast,” “dahshigo,” “Shii,” and now “uponmuh,” it is clear that these two artists have an undeniable chemistry with one another.

kick em out- feat. quaviusblack

The next track, “kick em out,” features rapper quaviusblack once again. The duo seems to think highly of quaviusblack, saying, “Quaviusblack brought a couple of the tunes to life vocally like he always does. He’s the only rapper we’ve ever had on any of our tracks, and we know we can always count on him to come through with some fire.” With fast-paced build-ups and wild sounds all over this track, quaviusblack holds it down with a confident verse.


“Lessons” is a diverse banger that I really enjoyed. Each build up leads into an extremely wonky drop. On this song, the duo was reminiscent of bass artists such as Yheti and Toadface.

we be comin’

The final track “we be comin’,” begins with a grim build-up, eventually dropping into a hot bass line that will make you bop your head back and forth. This song was a strong ending to a solid EP.

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