Seven Lions Releases Dreamin’ Feat Fiora

Seven Lions

When I look at influential DJs in the industry, one of the first artists I think of is no other than Seven Lions. His show takes you on a trip and moves you. With his involvement with Anjunabeats and his new tour The Journey II, he is going to take your city by storm. You’ll be Dreamin. Seven Lions has perfectly crafted one of the most talked about genres in the game, melodic dubstep. He has paved the way and his new single ‘Dreamin’ is one of those perfectly crafted works

It’s Like I’m Dreamin’. Seven Lions New Song Dreamin With Fiora Is A Must Listen

The new track that Seven Lions produced has been on the minds of so many fans. At each show, he drops ‘Dreamin.’ The transcending vocals of Fiora are the driving force along with the beat breakdown. The song is dreamlike as you are enticed by her vocals and revitalized by the harmony. Both extremely talented, this reminds me of Seven Lions older music.

Seven Lions has changed the lives of so many and the release of ‘Dreamin’ is that song we need to find our bliss.What isn’t there to love about melodic dubstep that can get you into your feels? The most amazing thing about it all is that you can catch him in a city near you and here’s why?

The Journey II Tour and Where You Can See Seven Lions

Seven Lions recently announced his tour dates for later in the year. We are super stoked about it. Below are the tour dates and where he’ll be. Make sure to get your tickets as they are going fast and you wouldn’t want to miss it!


Seven Lions

What do you think of ‘Dreamin.’ And, does it remind you of classic Seven Lions? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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