Seven Lions: Issue 15 of EDM World Magazine is Live

Inside This Issue You Will Learn:

★ Seven Lions Talks Working With Lights, His New Track, Cusp and Lucid Dream Experience
★ To the Beat of a Different Drum: DAYBREAKER and The Morning Movement
★ Zedd True Colors Tour
★ Let your Freak Flag Fly: An Interview With Adrian Sosebee of Freakstep
★ Marketing Director Rafi Leibowitz on All The Reasons Why Experiencing The Groove Cruise is a Must
★ iEDM: When Music Meets Fashion
★ Insomniac Brings Nostalgia and the Harder Styles to Nocturnal Wonderland
★ Let The Music Guide Your Way
★ Da Tweekaz: Hardstyle Duo Talks Favorite Video Games, How They Stand Out and Musical Influences
★ Music Xray: Connecting Musicians, Professionals and Fans
★ Close Encounters With Space Jesus
★ The Benefits that Came Out of We Are Your Friends, Other Than Seeing Zac Efron on Screen Again

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